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Who discovered the planet Saturn July 28

Who discovered the planet Saturn
Credit:yacielcruzFlickrCC-BY-2.0Planets that are visible to the naked eye were of great interest to early astronomers who were curious about their movements across the night sky. The sixth p ...

Who discovered the moon July 28

The idea of discovering the moon implies that it had to be found either by design or by accident. Nobody had to discover the moon. It was readily visible to anyone who looked up at the sky. This doesn't mean that the earliest humans understood what t

Who discovered iron July 28

Pliny the Elder, a historian who wrote in the first century A.D., noted that iron was used in houses and weapons of that era. Iron mixed with other materials makes it stronger than it is in a pure form, which is difficult to isolate from impurities.

Who discovered neutrons July 29

While conducting research at Cambridge University, James Chadwick worked with Ernest Rutherford. Rutherford engrained his name in history when he discovered the proton. With more research, he - as well as other researchers - determined that it was no

Who discovered matter July 30

Following Empedocles' ideas, the concept of dividing all things until they could not be divided into smaller sub-parts came about, giving rise to the earliest theories about atoms. Democritus was the philosopher who articulated this concept and named

Who discovered the first star July 28

After Hipparchus discovered the first nova, astronomers began to discover other types of stars. Chinese astronomers were the first to observe a supernova, while Islamic astronomers in the medieval age were some of the first to invent instruments for

Who discovered the first and largest asteroid July 28

Who discovered the first and largest asteroid
Credit:Gary CornhousePhotodiscGetty ImagesWhen Piazzi first discovered Ceres, he thought he had found a comet, but the scientific world soon believed it was another planet. After similar, ye ...

Who discovered Mars July 28

Who discovered Mars
Credit:Antonio M. RosarioPhotographer's ChoiceGetty ImagesAlthough Mars has been readily visible to the human eye as long as there have been humans, much has been discovered about the planet ...

Who discovered the Andromeda galaxy July 28

Who discovered the Andromeda galaxy
Credit:UniversalImagesGroup / ContributorUniversal Images GroupGetty ImagesHubble photographed the Andromeda nebula from his telescope in California. Though science at the time did not fully ...

Who discovered that the Earth was round July 28

Who discovered that the Earth was round
Credit:MamiGibbsMomentGetty ImagesAristotle demonstrated the Earth was round by drawing on a variety of evidence: the curvature of the horizon, the way constellations appear in the sky and t ...

Who discovered longitude and latitude July 28

Who discovered longitude and latitude
Credit:LWADigital VisionGetty ImagesNot much is known about the work of Eratosthenes and Hipparchus, but what little survives is evidence of how people long ago thought to organize maps into ...

Who discovered rational numbers July 28

Who discovered rational numbers
Credit:Tetra ImagesN/AGetty ImagesRational numbers are used to express quantities or values that natural numbers or integers alone cannot, such as in measurement of length, mass or time. For ...

Who discovered Jupiter July 28

Jupiter was named after the most powerful god in Roman mythology. Universe Today explains that early astronomers tracked planet movements. Astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus, who lived from 1473 to 1543, created a model for the solar system where the sun

Who discovered the chloroplast July 28

Who discovered the chloroplast
Credit:temporalataCC-BY-SA 2.0The botanist discovered chloroplasts as he was studying Andreas Schimper's work with photosynthetic organisms. Mereschkowsky was also the first scientist to pro ...

Who discovered multiplication July 28

Who discovered multiplication
Credit:Monashee FrantzOJO ImagesGetty ImagesTo survey the land, the Pharaoh's surveyors developed a measurements system that was based on body parts, which led to the development of a decima ...

Who discovered that the world was round July 28

Copernicus' theory was unpopular during his time since it went against the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. The idea of a spherical Earth was not widely accepted until Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan circumnavigated the world in 1519. T

Who discovered the platypus July 28

Dr. George Shaw provided the first scientific description of the platypus in 1799. One of the oddest animals on Earth, the platypus is native to eastern Australia. It is a monotreme, a kind of mammal that lays eggs rather than giving birth to living

Who discovered nuclear fusion July 28

Who discovered nuclear fusion
Credit:Brian ChristensenStockTrek ImagesGetty ImagesAlthough Atkinson and Houtermans first discovered the origins of nuclear fusion, a number of scientists after that contributed to the deve ...
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