Which banks offer free checking

According to The Simple Dollar, Capital One 360 is the best bank with free checking. It is a trusted brand that, as of 2015, had over 40,000 ATMs across America. That number greatly eclipses rivals, such as Chase, which, as of 2015, only had 16,100 ATMs.

Capital One 360 checking also allows members to gain interest on money in their accounts without paying any additional fees and offers its members a free MasterCard debit card. It also allows members to use special software to make mobile check deposits into their accounts.

As of 2015, Everbank offers a first-year bonus of 1.10% on all balances, which is 15 times more than the national average. Bank5, meanwhile, offers a steady 0.76% interest rate on all balances that are over $100.

Although GoBank requires a monthly minimum deposit to waive its monthly fee, The Simple Dollar says it is worth considering for its unique mobile app, which has a budget-checking feature as well as the ability to check balances without actually opening the app.

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