Where can you find the funniest jokes to tell at parties

Where can you find the funniest jokes to tell at parties
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Jokes4Us.com features a wide variety of topics for jokes. These include themes such as holidays, marijuana usage, dirty jokes, clean jokes and pick-up lines that would be suitable for parties. An example of a holiday joke that would be suitable for any party poses the question of what happens when people do the Irish jig at McDonalds. The answer is that they get a Shamrock Shake.

JokesCC.com is another site that curates jokes. The content comes from the site publishers or from users who submit jokes. The site includes party-worthy topics such as marriage, food, money, celebrity, and partying and bad behavior. An example of a silly bar joke is, "A guy walked into a bar... ouch!"

The Daily Mail has published an article about the results of research into what makes jokes funny. Topics include one-liners, marriage, children, blonds and foreigners. The number one joke is about insulting a woman's baby by comparing it to a monkey.

The Morning News has curated a number of jokes to tell at parties specifically. The article also explains how to tell the joke for maximum humor.

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