What Women Really Look Like

What do giraffes look like July 28

Different subspecies of giraffes have different types of spots. The spots of the Masai giraffe look similar to oak leaves. Some giraffes have square spots, making them look like they are wearing nets. These spots may act as camouflage for wild giraff

What does Neptune look like July 28

What does Neptune look like
Credit:Jason ReedPhoto DiscGetty ImagesWhile many planets in the Solar System have variations of color and texture on their surfaces, Neptune looks a lot like a smooth blue marble, though so ...

What does ringworm look like July 28

What does ringworm look like
Credit:OGphotoE+Getty ImagesIt is called ringworm because of the appearance of the round ring-like rash it causes. When ringworm affects the nails, it causes discoloration and makes them thi ...

What does Bigfoot look like July 28

The size of Bigfoot's footprints give the creature its most familiar name; it is known by the name of Sasquatch, which comes from a Native American word. According to witnesses, the footprints can be up to 2 feet long and 8 inches wide. Unlike human

What do cats look like July 28

What do cats look like
Credit:yamamoto yousukeCC-BY-SA 2.0The various breeds of cats, all with their own unique features and personality traits, are numerous. Cats can have furs in a wide variety of colors, and th ...

What does Jupiter look like inside July 28

What does Jupiter look like inside
Credit:Dorling KindersleyGettyGetty ImagesAn observer who descended into Jupiter's atmosphere from above would pass through many different layers before entering the zone of total darkness. ...

What do jellyfish look like July 28

Box jellyfish are the jellyfish that are most commonly referred to as dangerous and deadly. These creatures have a painful and possibly lethal sting, and they sting by using their tentacles. Although its name contains "fish," the jellyfish is ac

What does kimberlite look like July 28

Kimberlite is generally poor in the minerals most often found in igneous rocks because it forms at extreme depths. Rising from 100 to 135 miles under the surface, kimberlite magma tends to scrape other rock types from the walls of its chamber and inc

What does it look like inside a Buddhist temple September 8

What does it look like inside a Buddhist temple
Temple design and architecture are influenced by what Buddhism considers to be the five elements of the universe. These are earth, fire, air, water and wisdom, and different temples incorpor ...

What do foxes look like July 28

What do foxes look like
Credit:Anthony QuintanoCC-BY 2.0Foxes are small mammals; depending on the breed, they can weigh anywhere from 5 pounds. Red foxes, which are the most iconic fox breed, have bright orange- ...

What do sharks look like July 28

What do sharks look like
Credit:Christian JensenCC-BY 2.0Great white sharks are the largest predatory fish found in the world. They usually reach an average length of 15 feet and are known for their slate-gray upper ...

What does ambergris look like July 28

Most ambergris is found on beaches. It has been confused with feces, eroded rubber or old whale blubber. It is best identified by its distinctive earthy, marine, sweet smell. Ambergris has long been used in the perfume industry as a fixative and frag

What do tigers look like July 28

Typically, these big cats also have white on their throats and bellies. The backs of their ears have white spots that resemble eyes, which tricks prey into thinking that they are being watched. The largest species of tiger, Siberian, grows to be abou

What does Venus look like July 28

What does Venus look like
Credit:Datacraft Co LtdDatacraft Co LtdGetty ImagesThe surface of Venus has been mapped using radar technology. Underneath the thick layers of clouds, this planet has a relatively smooth sur ...

What do whales look like July 28

Whales can have teeth or baleen (a fringed structure on the inside of the mouth), and some whales are hunters while others simply filter small sea creatures through their baleen. Different species of whale have different appearances. For example, the

What do maggots look like July 28

What do maggots look like
Credit:Bradley TinneyCC-BY 2.0Maggots are most commonly found on rotting animal or plant materials. They feed on these items until they find a dark and dry location where they enter the pupa ...
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