what straight dissecting needle used for

What is a dissecting needle used for July 28

Dissecting needles are comparable to sewing needles, but typically have wood, metal or plastic handles. The word "dissection" comes from the Latin "dissecare" which means to cut to pieces. In biology, dissection is used to further the

What is a supercomputer used for July 28

What is a supercomputer used for
Credit:Baran azdemirE+Getty ImagesSupercomputers do not garner as much press as they once did, because modern servers are powerful enough for a wide range of tasks. However, supercomputers a ...

What is a reamer used for July 29

A reamer is used as a hand tool and in spindles of machine tools, such as drill presses and milling machines. The adjustable hand reamer is used for unbroken holes. It features disposable blades that slide along a tapered groove. The straight precisi

What are infrared waves used for July 28

The two most common uses for infrared waves are heating items and to connect electronic devices with their controllers. Infrared lamps are used in the cooking industry to keep cooked food hot enough and to provide heat for animals or humans during co

What are metamorphic rocks used for July 28

What are metamorphic rocks used for
Credit:David PrasadCC-BY-SA 2.0Slate starts out as shale under the surface of the Earth before its metamorphosis. It is typically gray in color and splits along long flat planes. It is also ...

What are some popular uses for pickup truck beds July 28

What are some popular uses for pickup truck beds
Credit:Sam HowzitCC-BY-2.0One use for a pickup truck is moving goods from the store where they are purchased to a home or business. People often use trucks to move appliances, furniture, equ ...

What is tidal energy used for July 28

Tidal energy has been used for centuries to turn waterwheels that give mechanical power to grain mills but the first large-scale, commercial tidal power plant was not built until 1966 in La Rance, France. The largest tidal power station is in South K

What are the cleaning uses for white vinegar July 28

What are the cleaning uses for white vinegar
Credit:Janine LamontagneE+Getty ImagesJust about anything can be cleaned with white vinegar. It is a safe way to clean items without using harsh chemicals and is cheap to keep on hand. Baby ...

What is vitamin B12 used for July 28

What is vitamin B12 used for
Credit:Peter DazeleyThe Image BankGetty ImagesWebMD explains that vitamin B12 is also used to treat Alzheimer's disease, memory loss, heart disease, depression, weak bones, mental disorders, ...

What is gentamicin cream used for July 28

Gentamicin sulfate cream is a topical broad spectrum antibiotic that is highly effective for treating many skin infections, according to Drugs.com. Drugs.com states that gentamicin is effective against sensitive strains of Streptococci bacteria, Stap

What is stainless steel used for July 28

What is stainless steel used for
Credit:Granite Charlotte CountertopsCC-BY-2.0The British Stainless Steel Association explains that the medical industry needs stainless steel in specialized equipment such as surgical instru ...

What is a scanner used for July 28

What is a scanner used for
Credit:Stephan ZabelE+Getty ImagesThere are many portable and handheld scanners available on the market that drag across the surface of the document or image. The image quality from a scanne ...

What are iodine crystals used for July 29

Iodine is also used for fingerprinting. Law enforcement uses these crystals in a process called fuming. Blown gently across surfaces, these crystals reveal fingerprints. This process is effective for latent prints. The pharmaceutical industry uses io

What is dinitrogen trioxide used for July 29

The chemical compound dinitrogen trioxide is commercially used for special purpose fuels due to its highly combustible nature; the chemical doesn't actually burn but only supports combustion. It is more often used in combination with other chemical c
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