What should you do after using Crazy 88 auto financing

Crazy 88 is a market agent company that claims to secure auto loans for consumers regardless of credit or repossession history, but in reality, this company has a long history of over-promising, under-delivering and taking advantage of buyers.

Crazy 88 is not actually a lending company, but instead shops around for loans on behalf of the consumer. They claim in their infomercial that for only $88 down and $88 per month, a buyer can have an auto loan regardless of credit history.

If a loan in secured through Crazy 88, take care to find the actual lender for the auto loan. Be sure to read the contract in its entirety, including all of the fine print. If consumers are not satisfied with the auto loan, options include selling the vehicle or refinancing the auto loan.

Complaints around this company also involve identity theft and giving away personal identity information without permission. The federal government offers a free annual credit check for consumers that can aid in spotting and repairing credit damage due to identity theft.

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