What Repairs Damaged DNA

What enzyme unwinds DNA July 28

DNA helicase attaches itself to the DNA molecule at what is called the origin of replication in order to begin the process of DNA replication. The helicase acts as a sort of wedge that "unzips" the double-stranded DNA molecule into a Y-shaped fo

What do damaged nerves look like compared to healthy nerves July 28

What do damaged nerves look like compared to healthy nerves
Credit:Chris RyanOJO ImagesGetty ImagesMyelin is the fatty substance that surrounds the nerve fibers in people's brains, spinal cords and optic nerves. Aside from serving as insulation, it a ...

What is mitochondrial DNA July 28

Mitochondrial DNA has 37 genes essential for normal function. Thirteen of these genes are involved in oxidative phosphorylation. The rest of the genes are involved in making transfer RNA and ribosomal RNA molecules. These RNA molecules are chemically

What is damaged in an engine when it overheats July 29

What is damaged in an engine when it overheats
Credit:Tom MertonOJO ImagesGetty ImagesHot weather and a malfunctioning cooling system are the main reasons behind an engine overheating. However, low oil levels also increase friction betwe ...

What is supercoiled DNA September 8

What is supercoiled DNA
If the DNA is arranged in a circular shape, as it is among prokaryotes, this torsion causes the molecule to fold one section of its length over another. A similar effect can be observed by t ...

What is DNA ligase July 29

DNA ligase is essential in the process of DNA replication. Although DNA polymerase is the enzyme responsible for adding nucleotides to the new DNA sequence, phosphodiester bonds are high energy covalent bonds. DNA ligase is necessary for creating the

What is DNA polymerase II July 29

Prokaryotes have five known types of DNA polymerases, numbered I to V. DNA polymerases replicate DNA by synthesizing sequences of nucleotides, the molecular components of DNA. There are only four types of nucleotides in DNA. The specific order of the

What type of cell enters the g0 phase July 29

While many cells may stop dividing during the lifespan of an organism, they can begin to divide again in certain situations. If, for example, a cell in the G0 phase receives an external signal that stimulates growth, the cell can leave its dormant st
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