What qualifies a food to be a fat-burning food

Berries, apples, pears, grapefruit, eggs, oatmeal and skim milk are all foods that have fat-burning claims attached to them. However, hot peppers, green tea and Greek yogurt are three foods that have been tested in studies demonstrating that each has some fat-burning properties.

A Japanese study showed that capsaicin, a chemical found in many hot peppers, was shown to increase fat burning slightly and to a greater degree in people with a body mass index over 25, reports WebMD. Another Japanese study showed that catechins, chemicals found in green tea, may affect metabolism, though only briefly. Body weight and body mass index were also lower in study subjects that consumed green tea extract. A 2010 study showed that of 300 people who followed various diets, those that ate the most dairy lost the most weight. The study indicated that Greek yogurt, with twice the amount of protein as other yogurts, may affect weight loss because it takes longer for the body to digest it.

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