What programs were included in Microsoft Works 70

Microsoft Word (version 2002) was an earlier version of today's industry standard word processor, and is the only application still offered in current Microsoft Office suites. Primarily, it allowed the user to create documents and edit them in a number of ways. There were also several options that allowed the user to create different templates like envelopes, labels, business cards and more.

Microsoft Encarta Standard was a digital, interactive encyclopedia comprised of tens of thousands of articles, videos, sound clips much more. It was accessible via subscription, or on the Internet for free. Unlike the subscription, the free version was accompanied by ads.

Microsoft Money was an application geared toward financial management. It allowed the user to keep track of expenses, as well as create and manage budgets. It even acted as an online component to the user's bank account, allowing users to view balances, and even close bank accounts.

Microsoft Streets & Trips served as a mapping tool, much like the GPS mapping applications to which users have grown accustomed today. Microsoft Picture It was an early means by which users could digitally edit picture files. Its designers intended the technology to be both advanced enough to manipulate images and easy enough for the average consumer to use.

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