What produces Carbon Dioxide

What is carbon dioxide July 29

What is carbon dioxide
Credit:Andrew W.B. LeonardMomentGetty ImagesChemically, each molecule of carbon dioxide is composed of one atom or carbon and two atoms of oxygen, covalently bound together. Carbon dioxide g ...

What percentage of carbon dioxide do we exhale July 28

On average, each person exhales about 2.3 pounds of carbon dioxide each day. This varies by activity level. As a person becomes more active, more carbon dioxide is released. A very active person exhales as much as eight times the carbon dioxide that

How do plants use carbon dioxide July 28

Carbon dioxide in the air stimulates the growth of almost all plants on Earth. Photosynthesis primarily occurs in the leaves. This process requires sunlight, water and carbon dioxide, which are all acquired by and transported to the leaves. Plants ob

How does carbon dioxide affect plant growth July 28

While the human-caused increase in carbon dioxide receives the blame for global warming, it also impacts plant growth. Experiments by Nature Education show most of the benefits to be positive in plant growth. Increasing carbon dioxide concentration i

Why is carbon dioxide important July 28

Plants and some microbes use a biochemical process called photosynthesis to make food by using up carbon dioxide. These organisms combine carbon dioxide and water to produce carbohydrates while giving off oxygen. The rise of photosynthetic organisms

Where do plants get carbon dioxide July 28

While the overall equation of photosynthesis has reactants of water, carbon dioxide and energy from sunlight to produce glucose and oxygen, there is more than one step. Light reactions occur in chloroplasts with water, to produce oxygen and usable en
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