What Lives in Rivers

What kinds of animals live in rivers July 28

What kinds of animals live in rivers
Credit:AirwolfhoundCC-BY-2.0The muskrat is a large, burrowing vole that is native to North America and Eurasia. It is actually adapted to swimming by having webs between its back toes. It ha ...

What lives in the ocean July 28

There are two main types of plankton: phytoplankton, which are plant based, and zooplankton, which are animal based. Phytoplankton are also broken down into large and small species. The large species consist of diatoms and dinoflagellates, while the

What lives in soil July 28

Many species of organisms live in soil, such as bacteria, protozoa, fungi and algae. Other organisms include plants and small vertebrates. Whereas some living organisms spend only part of their life in soil, others spend their entire life underground

Can sharks live in freshwater July 28

Can sharks live in freshwater
Credit:Steven Trainoff Ph.D.MomentGetty ImagesBull sharks have a unique ability to maintain a continual concentration of water in their bodies, which is known as osmoregulation, even if the ...

Where do piranhas live July 28

Piranhas tend to live in rivers that empty into the ocean, such as the Amazon, Guyana and Essequibo Rivers, so they can take advantage of a natural phenomenon called pororoca. When pororoca occurs, ocean tides sweep into coastal rivers, often draggin

What is a Nile monitor July 28

Nile monitors are sold as pets but are difficult to keep. Escaped or released animals have established breeding colonies in Florida, particularly in Lee County on the southwestern coast. Nile monitors live near rivers, ponds, lakes and other bodies o

Where do peregrine falcons live July 28

Where do peregrine falcons live
Credit:Jerry KirkhartFlickrCC-BY-2.0For example, in North America, peregrine falcons live on cliffs. Some even choose urban areas and build their nests on skyscrapers. They live in mountaino ...

What does carp taste like July 28

What does carp taste like
Credit:David KeepCC-BY-2.0Common carp can still be eaten without a muddy taste so long as freshly caught specimens are immediately put on ice. The common foul taste comes from rising histami ...

How do people use rivers September 3

How do people use rivers
Many industries use rivers as a place to discharge their polluted water. Sometimes, this water contains harmful chemicals, while other times, the water is very hot. Hot water changes the the ...

Alligator vs crocodile: is there any difference July 28

Alligator vs crocodile: is there any difference
Credit:J & C SohnsPicture PressGetty ImagesCrocodiles are generally more aggressive than alligators, which are relatively docile in comparison. An alligator's upper jaw is wider than its ...

Are hippo tears red July 28

Hippos are massive mammals that weigh around 4,000 pounds and live near rivers and lakes in central and southern Africa. Because hippos have very dry skin, they live near these bodies of water where they can keep their bodies comfortable and hydrated

How fast do anacondas move July 28

How fast do anacondas move
Credit:Cristóbal Alvarado MinicCC-BY-2.0Anacondas live near rivers, lakes and swamps. In most circumstances, they live alone. Water is their main escape method when confronted with danger. ...

Is fish considered seafood July 29

Although all fish that live in the sea are seafood, some of the fish at your local grocer or fish market may be freshwater fish. These fish live in rivers, lakes and streams, and are not technically seafood. Freshwater fish and saltwater can differ d

What animals live in coral July 28

What animals live in coral
Credit:Jesse WagstaffCC-BY 2.0The coral reef is an important part of the ocean's ecosystem because the reefs help to provide food and protection against predators for many of the ocean's cre ...
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