what is silt used for

What was Stonehenge used for July 28

Stonehenge's giant stones were erected between 3000 and 1500 B.C., predating the Druids by about 2,000 years. The Druids may have used Stonehenge for astronomical purposes, but there is no evidence they used it in any ceremonial way. While Stonehenge

What is sonar used for July 28

Active sonar involves transmitting an acoustic signal and observing how it interacts with objects that are in its way. For example, if there is a submarine in the way of the signal, the sonar wave bounces off it and feeds data back to its source. Som

What are nutrients used for July 28

What are nutrients used for
Credit:knapeVettaGetty ImagesVitamin A is used for bone development. It also aids in night vision. Vitamin D also helps in the development of bones and phosphorous absorption while vitamin C ...

What is radar used for July 28

Aircraft employ radar as a means of warning against obstacles and other aircraft that are on their flight path. Additionally, radar determines the aircraft's altitude with great precision. Similar to aircraft, naval vessels use radar to identify the

What is trigonometry used for July 28

What is trigonometry used for
Credit:Universal Images Group EditorialUniversal Images GroupGetty ImagesTrigonometry is useful in geography for surveying prominent landforms and projecting physical features onto maps and ...

What is pi used for July 28

For example, it is used for calculating normal distributions and the distribution of prime numbers. It is also used in Buffon's Needle Problem. This proof determines the probability of a needle landing on a line when it is dropped onto a plane contai

What prefix is used for the number 9 July 28

Another prefix used for the number nine is "novem-," as in the month "November," which used to be the ninth month in the ancient Roman calendar. Another prefix is "ennea-," which is derived from Greek and used in the word &qu

What are logos used for July 28

What are logos used for
Credit:Spencer Platt / StaffGetty Images North AmericaGetty ImagesInvestopedia states that while not a physical item like money or products, logos are important to businesses because they ha ...

What are robots used for today July 28

What are robots used for today
Credit:BSIP/UIGUniversal Images GroupGetty ImagesIndustrial robots are found in the manufacturing and automobile sectors. These machines cut and mold parts, conduct inspections and assemble ...

What is infrared used for July 28

What is infrared used for
Credit:Cultura Science/Joseph GiacominOxford ScientificGetty ImagesInfrared is used in lamps for purposes that include helping to dry ink, paint or wallpaper. Restaurant workers often use in ...

What is omeprazole used for July 28

What is omeprazole used for
Credit:DerleKiStock / Getty Images PlusGetty ImagesPrescription omeprazole can be used for more serious gastrointestinal issues, such as GERD, Zollinger-Ellison syndrome or ulcers, through a ...

What is lead used for July 28

Lead shielding is worn by patients and medical staff when handling X-rays and radioactive material. Bricks made of lead are utilized as protection against radiation. Lead is especially famous for its use as plumbing pipes, so much so that its symbol,

What are some uses for gold July 28

What are some uses for gold
Credit:metal213CC-BY 2.0Nanotechnology also finds uses for gold. As it is largely inert, gold is edible, and some expensive restaurants serve meals sprinkled with gold flakes. Gold is a comp ...

What is xenon used for July 28

What is xenon used for
Credit:Getty Images North AmericaGetty Images NewsGetty ImagesXenon is also used for high-intensity arc lamps for motion picture projection and ultraviolet light and in nuclear energy bubble ...
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