What is a good diet plan to lower your cholesterol

A good diet plan starts with limiting meat products and only eating lean, low-fat sources of protein, explains the American Heart Association. For instance, when purchasing beef, individuals with cholesterol concerns should avoid the prime, fattier cuts and grades of beef and opt for the leanest cuts and grades instead. Poultry, while naturally lean, should have the skin, which is high in fat, trimmed off. Meats should be broiled or grilled so that the fats drain off instead of cook into the meats. Finally, processed meats are strongly discouraged because they are high in saturated fat that can increase bad cholesterol levels.

Another aspect of a good diet plan is to eat foods rich in fiber, says the American Heart Association. Fruit juice, while it can contain vitamins, has had the fiber removed. Instead, whole, fresh fruit should replace fruit juice. Plenty of vegetables, which are also high in fiber, should be included in the diet as well. Whole grains should replace processed carbohydrates that contain little or no fiber.

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