What features are offered with Simmons First online banking

What features are offered with Simmons First online banking
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After registering for an online account, Simmons First customers can view account balances across all of their accounts, including checking, savings and lines of credit. In addition, customers can view remaining unpaid balances on Simmons First loans and manage loan payments.

After enrollment, account holders can transfer funds between accounts. For example, a customer might opt to transfer money from a savings account to a checking account or vice versa.

Other benefits of online banking with Simmons First include mobile banking, bill payment and eStatements. With mobile banking, customers can bank from anywhere and can access some services via text. Mobile banking also allows for mobile deposits and includes mobile apps for account management. Expedited bill payment is also available for account holders enrolling in online banking services with Simmons First. In addition, customers who subscribe to eStatements can opt to have their monthly statements delivered to them electronically as opposed to getting a paper statement each month.

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