What does ABS Lymph refer to in the context of a blood test

Generally, a healthy lymphocyte count for adults ranges between 1,300 and 4,000 for each microliter of blood. If a person's count is over 4,000, he has lymphocytosis. In any event, it is important to get regular checkups from the doctor to monitor lymphocyte levels, even without any other symptoms of major illness.

The treatment for lymphocytosis varies with the specific illness that leads to the syndrome, so physicians generally base their treatment on that malady rather than lymphocytosis. Some of the illnesses are easier to treat than others, but if lymphocytosis is untreated, the root causes can develop into more serious conditions and even lead to death over time. Thankfully the ABS Lymph measure is simple to take, and is part of a basic physical, making diagnosis and treatment easier.

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