What are the risks of using laser treatment on a cataract

Fewer than 10 in 100 people who undergo cataract laser surgery experience serious complications, states WebMD. The chance of these complications is higher if a person also has other eye conditions. Some of the complications that occur are treatable with other surgeries, but not all of them. It is important for those undergoing cataract treatment to speak to their doctor about the benefits and risks of the surgery.

There are a number of reasons why laser cataract surgery is preferred, according to WebMD. First, the surgery can be done quickly when compared to traditional cataract surgery. In addition, there is a smaller chance of developing astigmatism following surgery. Those who undergo laser treatment for cataracts also report the recovery of their sight occurs more quickly when compared to those who have undergone traditional cataract surgery. There are also fewer risks associated with laser surgery for cataracts. Though the outcome is the same for both laser and traditional cataract removal, there are many more benefits to laser treatment, as of 2015.

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