What are some tips for proper teddy bear hamster care

An owner needs to make sure that the hamster gets balanced diet. A mix of foods are recommended, including pellets, grains and seeds. The hamster can have fresh food two to three times a week as long as any leftovers are removed right away. Nuts are allowed occasionally, but only on a limited basis because of the high fat content. An owner also needs to make sure that the hamster has access to fresh water at all times.

For exercise, a basic hamster wheel in the cage works, as well as a hamster ball that allows the pet to roam around the house in a controlled environment.

An owner should have a piece of wood available for the hamster to chew on. Hamster teeth never stop growing, so the hamster needs to chew on something to keep them short and healthy. Finally, a hamster needs to be handled regularly. An owner can start by hand-feeding the hamster treats, then starting to handle it regularly.

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