What are some DIY room projects

Unfinished shutter doors can be used to create a rustic shutter-style headboard that lends a breezy cottage aesthetic to a bedroom. A spray primer is applied to the shutter doors before painting them in a light color. The doors are then sanded to create a weathered look, and mending braces are used to combine the doors into one unit. The wall is prepped for installation with wall anchors to add stability, and the completed headboard is installed using 2.5-inch screws.

Redecorating an old dresser found at a thrift store or flea market makes a big impact on how a room looks and can be less costly than buying new furniture. One simple DIY option is to replace old drawer pulls with a flashy new set. Dressers in poor condition may require extra work, including sanding down damaged areas, applying a primer and refinishing the exterior in a new paint color or wood stain.

DIY painting can yield professional-looking results as long as the proper steps are followed. Before painting, the walls must be cleaned to remove dust and dirt, and any holes should be patched up and sanded down. Remember to remove all switch plates as well. To create clean lines and avoid paint drips, apply painter’s tape along any trim or ceiling edges. Adventurous DIY hobbyists can also use the tape to create interesting designs, such as stripes, chevrons and checkerboard patterns.

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