What are some cool ladies hairstyles

Pixie cuts, angled bobs, modern mullets, lobs and mermaid waves are cool hairstyles that suit short and long hair. The most current feature in all of these haircut trends is to style the front of the hair with a layered fringe. This textured hairstyling frames the face and adds a modern twist to any classic hair cut. Finding the right length for bangs is crucial for accentuating facial features, especially since the purpose of fringe is to create an oval-shaping effect on the face. Sleek pixies and bobs look current with some textured fringe added into the hairstyle. Fringe and layers make longer hair looks less heavy.

Side parts add volume to any ladies' hairstyle, and they create instant glamour for hair that has not been washed. Together with a layered fringe, side parts add a fashion-forward tousled appearance to hair. This is especially true as hair grows out of shorter hairstyles. Whether short or long, a cool hairstyle looks even cooler with layers and fringe in the 2014 season.

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