What are Second Chance apartments

Most women entering the Second Chance program are victims of domestic violence and abuse or neglect. These women receive the care and support they need from the Second Chance program at the local, state and federal levels of government. Some restrictions apply regarding where women can live, and program offerings vary around the United States. Common ancillary services include education for mothers and children, childcare, counseling and work opportunities for young women and integration with surrounding communities through programs. These housing units exist around the country, but only six states, Nevada, New Mexico, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Georgia and Texas, offer statewide programs.

Eligible women in need of housing may apply for the HUD programs, which generally accept mothers aged 14 to 20. The Second Chance program extends from the 1996 federal welfare law, which requires women under age 18 with children to live with adults and guardians capable of providing financial assistance. However, when those homes prove unsafe, women may apply to the Second Chance program.

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