What are Journals Used for

What are some uses for Intermatic timers July 28

Indoor plug-in timers are used for turning lights and appliances off and on automatically, controlling personal computers, air conditioners, heavy-duty appliances and heaters. They feature user-friendly programming, flexible schedules and multiple-ev

What are diamonds used for July 28

What are diamonds used for
Credit:mevansVettaGetty ImagesDiamond gemstones are renowned for their luster and sparkle. They are often used in engagement rings and wedding bands. Diamond earrings, necklaces and tennis b ...

What are logos used for July 28

What are logos used for
Credit:Spencer Platt / StaffGetty Images North AmericaGetty ImagesInvestopedia states that while not a physical item like money or products, logos are important to businesses because they ha ...

What are robots used for today July 28

What are robots used for today
Credit:BSIP/UIGUniversal Images GroupGetty ImagesIndustrial robots are found in the manufacturing and automobile sectors. These machines cut and mold parts, conduct inspections and assemble ...

Other than in jewelry, what are diamonds used for July 28

Other than in jewelry, what are diamonds used for
Credit:tom_bullockCC-BY 2.0Diamonds have a variety of different uses because they are 58 times harder than corundum, the next hardest mineral on Earth. Due to their toughness, diamonds can b ...

What are the uses for moringa seed July 28

Moringa seeds contain vitamins A and C, potassium, calcium, iron and zinc. They are loaded with protein. The seeds are used in treatment programs for diabetes, high cholesterol, boils, gout, rheumatism, arthritis, liver and kidney disorders. Diarrhea

What are tolls used for July 28

Following the Great Recession of 2007 to 2009, many states, including Texas, began instituting more toll roads to construct, repair and improve roads without raising taxes. The increased popularity of tolls was also a way to supplement the federal ga

What are important uses for halite July 28

Halite, or rock salt as it is commonly known, forms in arid climates where either inland lakes or ocean water evaporates. The Dead Sea, which lies between Israel and Jordan, and the Great Salt Lake in Utah are two examples of inland lakes where halit

What are some uses for Epsom salts July 28

As magnesium deficiency is uncommon, especially among African Americans and the elderly, many people take Epsom salts to treat it. Others may use it to lower their bad cholesterol levels, prevent high blood pressure, treat irregular heartbeats and pr

What are some uses for lavender essential oil July 29

What are some uses for lavender essential oil
Credit:Oliver HoffmanniStock / Getty Images PlusGetty ImagesLavender essential oil is known for its relaxing properties. Individuals can rub two to three drops of the oil into cupped palms, ...

What are some uses for old wooden pallets July 29

What are some uses for old wooden pallets
Credit:Walt StoneburnerCC-BY 2.0Users that build furniture from pallets often use the material to showcase its rugged, natural and slatted look. However, many designers incorporated paints, ...

What are some uses for schist July 29

Schists do not have a specific mineral makeup. They are a type of metamorphic rock based on the structure of the mineral grains. In schists, the minerals form large, flat grains that are visible to the eye and will peel away in sheets. They are named

What are pulleys used for July 29

What are pulleys used for
Credit:Matti MattilaCC-BY-2.0Pulleys can be used in many other instances. They can be attached to cranes, for instance, to lift extremely heavy objects that humans otherwise wouldn't be able ...

What are some uses for Dettol July 29

There are different Dettol products including surface cleaning wipes, surface cleanser sprays, hand sanitizer, hand wash, body wash and antiseptic liquid. Dettol suggest cleaning all food preparation surfaces with their products before and immediatel

What are some uses for used buses July 29

The Grilled Cheese Grill restaurant located in Portland, Oregon, uses different used buses as dining halls for its locations. Customers are able to approach the restaurant, part of the city's many food cart dining locations, and order as they would a
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