Teeth Shifting After Braces Removed

How long should you wear a retainer after braces July 28

Retainers are dental devices that are used to hold the teeth in position after the removal of braces during an orthodontic treatment. They help to prevent the teeth from returning to their original position. Fixed retainers may be used for at least 5

How long does it take to get braces removed July 28

During the braces removal process, the orthodontist removes all parts of the braces from the teeth, and then removes the cement that held the brackets on the teeth, as noted by Oral-B. The teeth are cleaned and a mold is taken for a retainer. After h

How do you get straight teeth with invisible braces July 28

WebMD states that orthodontic aligners or invisible braces are suggested for patients who have moderate to minor problems with crowding or spacing. Individuals who have severe overbites, underbites or crossbites usually must opt for a more complex tr

How are braces removed at home July 28

Removing braces is not a difficult process but it must be done with care. An orthodontist will use special tools to remove the brackets from the teeth. Braces are made strong enough that they can stand up to the everyday work of the teeth, so they ar

Can you use fake teeth to hide braces July 28

Can you use fake teeth to hide braces
Credit:Bart_KowskiiStock / Getty Images PlusGetty ImagesMany orthodontists offer alternatives such as retainer aligners that are less visible than traditional braces, Oral-B notes. Retainers ...

How long will teeth hurt after a filling September 3

How long will teeth hurt after a filling
The Colgate Oral and Dental Health Resource Center identifies several possible reasons why teeth are sensitive after fillings. A common cause of pain is that a filling is too high, and Colga ...

How do you take braces off your teeth at home July 28

Braces removal requires proper dental tools and expertise, explains DrBiteRight.com. When it comes time to remove braces, an orthodontist uses a special type of medical-grade pliers to fracture the bonding material holding each bracket onto its respe

How do tongue piercings affect braces July 29

How do tongue piercings affect braces
Credit:Christine Schneider/Brigitte SporrerCulturaGetty ImagesPlastic or rubber piercings are less likely to damage teeth or braces than metal piercings. The size of the jewelry is also impo ...

How many teeth do humans have July 28

Baby teeth typically fall out in the same order that they grow in. The first 20 permanent teeth replace the baby teeth soon after the deciduous teeth fall out. One set of permanent molars grows in at about age 6, and a second set develops at about ag

Does everyone have wisdom teeth July 28

In most cases, wisdom teeth erupt after the age of 18. Some of them may erupt completely, whereas others may remain buried. They often behave just like any other tooth and only need to be removed when infection occurs or for orthodontic and prostheti

How can I make my teeth straight at home July 28

The main options for braces include traditional wire braces, lingual braces, ceramic braces and clear aligners, explains Oral-B. Traditional wire braces and ceramic braces both fit in front of the teeth, although ceramic braces are somewhat less noti
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