What animal has a long tail September 17

The long tail of the lemur does play one important role though, which is during mating season. Male lemurs assert their dominance over other males by saturating their tails in vile secretions from their scent glands. They then swing their foul-smelli

Can you breed a Skitty and a Wailord September 13

In the Pokémon games, breeding (producing an egg) can occur only between Pokémon that are of the same Egg Group. Pokémon are split up into Egg Groups based on certain attributes and physical characteristics. Most of the time, this creates scenarios w

Do water bugs fly September 12

The water bug is the largest species of cockroach. It is a reddish-brown color with a pale yellow or brown border. Water bugs are primarily found in basements, bathrooms and sewers of office buildings in the northern region of the United States. In t

In what kind of habitats do monkeys live September 12

There are approximately 264 monkey species. These species can be subdivided into the two types of Old World and New World monkeys. Some examples of New World monkeys are howler, Capuchin and pygmy marmoset. The pygmy marmoset is one of the smallest m

What is a postanal tail September 12

What is a postanal tail
As vertebrates, humans are part of the chordata phylum, but most adult humans don't have postanal tails. This is because humans are among the vertebrates, including animals such as frogs, th ...

Why are zoos important September 12

Why are zoos important
People living in urban and suburban areas rarely see animals aside from birds. Even people who live in rural areas only see a small subset of the species on the planet. Zoos give people a pl ...

Where does Merino wool come from September 11

The especially fine and soft Merino wool has had high economic value around the world since the 14th century. The fineness of different Merino wool results from Merino cross-breeds and continually breeding Merino sheep with the most desirable quality

What is complete metamorphosis September 11

The time an insect spends in each stage varies depending on the insect. In the egg stage, the insect is an embryo waiting to hatch. During the larva stage, it hatches and usually begins to eat and grow. In most cases, insects look distinctly differen

How many people get eaten by sharks in a year September 11

How many people get eaten by sharks in a year
Fatal shark attacks are incredibly rare events despite the amount of media attention they garner. Since 1580, less than 500 people have been killed by sharks around the world. Australia is t ...

When does convergent evolution happen September 11

Convergent evolution can be observed among groups separated geographically, as is the case with North American cactus species and the African Euphorbia. Another example can be found with sharks, icthyosaurs and dolphins. In each case, according to Pr

What are some animals that use mimicry September 11

An example of mimicry is the marine flatworm that looks like a sea slug. Aquatic animals avoid preying on the sea slug because it emits a poisonous and malodorous substance. By mimicking the sea slug, the marine worm avoids creatures that would other

Why do animals need energy September 11

Why do animals need energy
Energy is defined as the "ability to do work." Animals must work to find food, to establish shelter and to protect themselves from harm. Even more basic is an animal's need for ene ...

Are birds reptiles September 11

In phylogenetics, all animals, including birds, mammals and dinosaurs, that have genetic connections to early reptiles are reptiles. Birds are traced back to the group of feathered dinosaurs that did not die off during the massive dinosaur extinction

What is the scientific name for humans September 11

Homo sapiens have several characteristics that distinguish them from more ancient humans. These traits include skulls that are rounded and brow ridges that protrude less. They have delicate skeletons. They lack the occipital buns that Neanderthal sku

Why do people classify animals September 11

Since its initial conception, the classification of animals based on certain criteria has undergone major revisions. Although the traditional classification scheme proposed by Carolus Linnaeus proves inadequate in modern times, the binomial nomenclat

What is an example of character displacement September 11

In the example of finches, the character displacement that arises occurs because of competition for seeds. Both species are seed eaters, and the size of their bills are optimized to take advantage of their particular environments. Most islands have a

What do polar bears eat September 11

Polar bears mostly hunt by finding a seal's breathing hole and waiting. These holes in sea ice are dug by seals to give them a place to breathe and emerge to rest on the ice. When the seal sticks its head up for a breath, the polar bear catches it, d

What animal has three hearts September 11

What animal has three hearts
Octopuses feature eight arms and are bilaterally symmetrical. Lacking any kind of skeleton, the octopus is capable of contorting its shape and size to fit through structures much smaller tha ...

What do birds and mammals have in common September 11

What do birds and mammals have in common
Birds and mammals are the two major groups of warm-blooded animals on Earth, although a few fish such as tuna also are capable of internally regulating their temperature. A few species of ma ...
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