Does a zebra run faster than a horse September 11

Does a zebra run faster than a horse
While a zebra is not as fast as a horse, it has good endurance which allows it to outpace its predators. Zebras also have the ability to zig-zag while running from predators, making it diffi ...

Why are some species of zebra endangered July 28

Why are some species of zebra endangered
Credit:Armaan RezaCC-BY-SA 2.0The population of the Grevy's zebra is stable, but less than 2,500 of them remain, as of 2015. This is in contrast to an estimated population of 15,000 in the 1 ...

What are some interesting facts about zebras July 28

What are some interesting facts about zebras
Credit:Grant OrdelheideGetty ImagesA zebra's coat is one of its most distinct features. Its coat is plain white with black stripes that are completely unique to each species. For instance, t ...

What is the niche of the African zebra July 28

What is the niche of the African zebra
Credit:Cathy TCC-BY 2.0According to the zebra information page on the Caltech website, there are three distinct species of Zebra that inhabit Africa, two of which contain multiple subspecies ...

How long do zebras live July 28

How long do zebras live
Credit:Pius MahibiCC-BY-SA 2.0Human behavior, such as hunting, has led to decreased numbers of zebras and shortened life spans. Wild zebras also have diminishing habitats because of human en ...

What is the plains zebra's niche July 28

Plains zebras live off the long and short grasses of their habitat and will, at times, eat leaves and other types of vegetation. Plains zebras must eat a lot of vegetation to grow into their adult weight of between 450 and 600 pounds, and they stand

What is a baby zebra called July 28

What is a baby zebra called
Credit:Geri LavrovPhotodiscGetty ImagesA healthy adult zebra can go without water for up to five days, but nursing females require water every other day. Zebras use their hooves to dig to fi ...

How do you draw a zebra July 28

Sketch the frameUsing a light touch, sketch a large oval for the body in the center of the paper. Add a circle just below it and to the right to position the head. Connect the two shapes with a curved line.Sketch the headThe zebra's head is down as i

What sound does a zebra make July 28

What sound does a zebra make
Credit:Pius MahimbiCC-BY-2.0A zebra can also snort and nicker. These sounds are similar to the sounds that a horse makes. The snort, a hard exhale of air through the nose, is a signal of exc ...

What is a young zebra called July 28

What is a young zebra called
Credit:Mark DumontFlickrCC-BY-2.0When baby zebras are born, a mother zebra, according OuttoAfrica.com, steers clear of all other zebras, including her own family members, in order for her fo ...

Where do okapis live July 28

Where do okapis live
Credit:J & C SohnsPicture PressGetty ImagesFor all appearances, the okapi look like a cousin to the zebra, but their closest relative is actually the giraffe. The okapi live in an area o ...

How fast can a zebra run in mph July 28

Zebras spend most of their time in herds to protect against predators. Their stripes make it more difficult for predators, such as lions, to pick out a single zebra to chase. Their unique patterns help zebras recognize each other in the herd. The lea

What do zebras eat July 28

What do zebras eat
Credit:William WarbyCC-BY 2.0All three species of zebra feature black and white stripes and live in Africa. The plains zebra and the mountain zebra resemble horses, while the Grevy's zebra i ...

What is a pack of zebras called July 28

What is a pack of zebras called
Credit:Jon MountjoyFlickrCC-BY-2.0These highly social animals travel together in harems, dining on the various grasses found throughout the treeless grasslands and savanna woodlands of their ...

What are some facts about zebras July 28

Zebras have excellent hearing and are members of the horse family. They can run at speeds of up to 35 miles per hour and baby zebras can walk 20 minutes after they're born.When zebras come into contact with a predator, the whole herd sticks together

Do rabbits lay eggs July 28

Unlike other animals, the female rabbit does not have to come into heat in order to breed, but instead accepts the male any time of year. Rabbits reach breeding age by 6 months after birth, and a female can breed until she is 4 years old. Male rabbit

What two animals make a zebra July 28

What two animals make a zebra
Credit:Marc WitzelCC-BY-SA 2.0Zebras are popular for their black and white bodies, and how their stripes differ from zebra to zebra. The zebra's family is Equidae, with two possible subgener ...

How are zebras classified July 28

How are zebras classified
Credit:Marieke IJsendoorn-KuijpersCC-BY 2.0There are three living species of zebra: the Grevy's zebra, the mountain zebra and the plains zebra. All zebras have black and white stripes coveri ...

Why do zebras have stripes July 28

Why do zebras have stripes
Credit:Filip LachowskiCC-BY-SA 2.0The research team studied several species of zebra, observing the location, thickness and intensity of the stripes on the animals' bodies. They noted the ge ...

Are zebras endangered July 28

Are zebras endangered
Credit:snarglebarfCC-BY-SA 2.0Though endangered, the Grevy's zebra population is considered stable, with a population estimated at between 1,966 to 2,447. Their status as endangered is due i ...
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