Is a turtle a reptile September 11

All reptiles have at least one lung, an organ especially designed for breathing air, whereas amphibians often lack lungs entirely. By contrast, reptiles possess scales that protect their skin from drying out. Amphibians lack scales because they breat

How do turtles get their food September 11

Sea turtles have the most difficult time finding food during the summer months when the ocean water begins to heat up. This is also the time period when turtles look to find mates and then reproduce. They lay their eggs on the beach and then leave th

What do mud turtles eat September 11

Though they prefer the water, mud turtles are considered to be semi-aquatic, according to the Arizona Game and Fish Department. They will often travel great distances to find the nearest water area, and can be found in both fresh and brackish waterwa

What is the smallest kind of turtle September 11

What is the smallest kind of turtle
The speckled padloper tortoise is native to the arid region of western Cape Province in South Africa. The tortoise has four claws on its back feet. The honeycombed shells of males are light ...

What does a snapping turtle eat September 11

Snapping turtles are not picky eaters, and they adjust their diets based on what is available. Although good at defending themselves with their strong jaws and quick reaction time, snapping turtles have some predators, including larger turtles, racco

Why are sea turtles endangered September 10

Sea turtles live in oceans and coastal areas around the world, including the United States. Like other animals, some species face greater threats than others. The World Wildlife Fund identifies five turtle species of special concern: green, olive rid

How can turtle shells be preserved September 10

Make sure the turtle is completely gone from inside the shell. Place the shell on top of an ant hill for a week or bury it in the ground for a month to be sure. Place the shell in a solution of borax, water and salt for 1 hour, rinse and then soak in

Do turtles have backbones September 4

Both sections of the shell are made up of small bony plates that are covered with thin scales called laminae. They are made from a substance similar to human fingernails. The scales provide color -- typically brown, black or green -- for the turtle's

What do water turtles eat September 4

Commercially prepared turtle food is acceptable and fortified with minerals and vitamins that captive turtles need to maintain a healthy shell. Turtle owners can supplement with powdered calcium and bone meal to ensure proper nutrition.Young turtles

Do turtles have ears September 3

Turtles don't have sensitive hearing. They have no outer ears to draw in sounds, no ear drums to detect a wide range of sound and they have small hearing centers in their brains. However, they do have thin flaps of skin covering internal ear bones th

What are some turtle facts for kids September 3

What are some turtle facts for kids
The shell is also full of air chambers, which makes it a bit less onerous to carry around. Turtles such as leatherback turtles have shells covered with leathery skin. There are three differe ...

How do you care for a map turtle July 29

Map turtles grow to a length of 5 to 10 inches. A 20-gallon tank is sufficient for two or three babies, but a full-grown adult needs a tank of about 75 gallons. The tank should have a quality filter to keep the water clean, clear and flowing. UVB lig

How fast does a turtle move July 29

How fast does a turtle move
Credit:Juergen RichterLOOKGetty ImagesTurtles spend most of their time in water and have webbed feet to help them swim. They often climb out of the water to bask in the sun on rocks or logs, ...

What do sun turtles eat July 28

What do sun turtles eat
Credit:Paul MaddenAll Canada PhotosGetty ImagesThe species is the found across the entire continent of North America and lives in quiet bodies of water, including ponds, bogs, wet meadows, a ...
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