What is Barbie's boyfriend Ken's last name October 22

What is Barbie's boyfriend Ken's last name
Ken's doll girlfriend and toy counterpart, Barbie, also has a full fictional name: Barbara Millicent Roberts. "Barbie" is a shortened nickname for Barbara. Ken and Barbie have both ...

What are all the types of Barbies September 16

What are all the types of Barbies
Over the years, different career types of Barbies include the Babysitter Barbie from 1963, Cat Burglar Barbie, Cheerleader Barbie, News Anchor Barbie from 2010, Princess Barbie from the 1990 ...

What dolls were made in the 1960s September 14

What dolls were made in the 1960s
Chatty Cathy was a talking doll made by Mattel beginning in 1960. Pulling a string in her back triggered her to say any of 11 different phrases. Liddle Kiddles hit the market in 1966 and bec ...

How do you make a children's teepee September 11

How do you make a children's teepee
Using the posts, build a frame by tying the top of the posts together. Weave string or rope several times around the outside of the posts and then in between each one. Tie the string tightly ...

Are Happy Meal toys worth any money September 11

Are Happy Meal toys worth any money
Another type of valuable Happy Meal toy is the Teeny Beanie Baby. These were released in 1997 and became so immensely popular that McDonald's had to place a limit of only 10 per customer. Th ...

Where can you find Tux Paint games for kids September 11

Tux Paint is a Linux software program available for Windows, Linux and Mac platforms. Parents looking to provide their kids with wholesome games that encourage creativity can find them in this drawing program.On the Tux Paints website, look for the "

What are some examples of McDonald's Happy Meal toys September 10

What are some examples of McDonald's Happy Meal toys
The first toys featured in a Happy Meal were small rubber space aliens called Diener Keshi. The figures became so popular that McDonald's commissioned several more sets, which included monst ...

Where can you buy official Pillow Pets September 10 organizes Pillow Pets by category. Customers can order Pillow Pets for delivery through the site. and also offer delivery service. Jennifer Telfer created Pillow Pets, which were designed for children to use as

What are some tips for doll eye makeup September 10

Before creating this look, it's recommended to cover the face with a thin layer of primer, which acts as a base and helps the makeup last longer and remain smooth. After the primer dries, it's time to put on the desired foundation. If necessary, a li

What are some Naruto action figures September 8

Mattel produces many of the Naruto action figures available in stores. Action figures representing major characters from the Cartoon Network show are packaged individually by Mattel. Aside from lead characters like Naruto and Sasuke, the company also

What were the most popular toys in 1998 September 8

Furbies were introduced just before Christmas in 1998 and became the hit toy of the season, selling 1.8 million units immediately, with another 40 million sold over the next two years. The Hot Wheels Car Wash was a working three-story car wash that a

What is Tower Hobbies September 8

Bruce Holecek founded Tower Hobbies with his brother Mark and wife Jeri in 1971. The company is based in Champaign, Ill. It hosts a large online-catalog selection of all the aforementioned scale-model hobbyist supplies. In addition to its online plat

How do you play with Furby September 6

Furby, a popular interactive toy with a digital "personality" has a number of functions that can allow you to play with it. Furby 2.0 is able to notice patterns in your behavior and respond by playing with you through noise, movement, games, and
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