How do you engrave stone October 10

Choose an engraving toolEngraving tools are available at most hardware stores. Choose one that's comfortable to hold and has a drill bit that's hard enough to cut through stone without bending or snapping. Power engraving tools that are designed to c

What is a sliding bevel used for October 10

A sliding bevel consists of a blade, tightening screw/nut mechanism and a stock. The stock is made of wood, while the blade is steel metal. The blade can be set to any angle measurement from 0 to 180 degrees. To use this woodworking tool, the stock i

How do you sharpen a chainsaw chain October 10

Adjust the chain tensionPlace your chain saw on a shop bench with a woodblock under the bar for support. Adjust the chain tension so that it is tight, yet easy to turn by hand.Place a file guide over the chainDrop a file guide over the chain bar to h

How do you sharpen scissors October 9

Place the blade against the bench stoneOpen the scissors, and lay the blade against the coarse side of the bench stone.Move the blade against the stoneApplying slight pressure, move the blade back and forth against the stone a few times.Use the fine

Who makes Echo chain saws October 9

In 2008, Kioritz merged with another Japanese company, Shindaiwa Corporation, to form Yamabiko Corporation. Most ECHO chainsaws sold in North America are built at the company's manufacturing facility in Lake Zurich, Illinois, using both foreign and d

What is snowblowing October 9

The first snow blower was invented by Arthur Sicard in 1925. It was a four-wheel drive truck with chute and blower parts attached to the front. This invention allowed the operator to "throw" snow more than 90 feet away from the truck's path. It

How do you cut hard plastic October 9

Select the correct bladeCarbide-tipped blades stay sharp longer than an ordinary circular saw blade. When cutting plastic, select the largest blade possible for use with the saw. Look for a blade with a minimum of 60 teeth in a triple-chip tooth desi

How does a hand pump work October 9

The hand pump comprises of a series of sucker rods present inside drop pipes. These rods act as the mechanical connection between the handle and piston of the pump. When the handle or the lever arm of the hand pump is lifted upwards, it causes the pi

How do you use a fire extinguisher October 9

Pull the pinFire extinguishers have a pin in the handle that locks the release mechanism. Pull out the pin to prepare to engage the extinguisher. Hold on to the nozzle with one hand and the tank with the other.Aim at the fireStanding back away from t

What is a double-bevel miter saw October 9

Use a double-bevel miter saw to create clean-cut angles for tight corners, such as in crown molding or picture frames. The double-bevel miter saw is a convenient option when large, heavy materials are involved or when multiple bevel cuts are necessar

Where can you buy Husky Tools online September 16 contains a special section exclusively dedicated to information about and the sale of Husky tools, as of March 2015. On this page, users can watch videos demonstrating the use and functionality of different Husky tools as well as browse

What is the use of a side cutter September 11

A side cutter is a dual tool. Not only does it cut wire, but it can also be used as pliers to loosen stuck bolts or other tools during a project. Side cutter pliers effortlessly cut wire and help speed up the overall job. This is because the worker d
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