What is the formula for thermal energy September 9

Thermal energy, also referred to as internal energy, pertains to the energy that drives the constant and random movement of atoms or molecules contained in a substance or system. Based on its formula, it forms a direct correlation with the mass of th

What is a thermal power plant September 9

The type of fuel or resource that is used to heat up the water varies. For instance, solar power plants rely on sunlight to operate the generator that heats up the water. Nuclear plants rely on nuclear reactors. Geothermal power plants generate the f

What is Wien's displacement law September 9

The product of an object's peak wavelength and temperature is constant across all wavelengths and temperatures. This constant, named Wien's displacement constant, is used to either determine the wavelength from a known temperature or the temperature

Who discovered wind energy September 8

Wind power continued to spread throughout the Middle East, and it arrived in Europe around 1000 A.D., when northern countries like The Netherlands used windmill technology to drain marshes and lakes throughout the Rhine River Delta. While wind turbin

What are thermoset plastics September 8

What are thermoset plastics
Thermoset plastics are contrasted by thermoplastics, which soften when heated and strengthen and set into form as they are cooled. Thermoset plastics have a net-like structure of cross-linke ...

How is thermal energy used September 8

It is easy to confuse thermal energy and heat, or even think that the terms can be used interchangeably. However, the two terms are quite different. Thermal energy is the energy that comes from heat. When thermal energy is transferred, it is called h

How does thermal energy work September 8

Conduction is thermal energy moving along physical objects. Conductors are materials that make it possible for thermal energy to flow. Insulators are materials that prevent thermal energy from flowing. Convection is when particles with high thermal e

What is thermal energy used for September 8

Solar thermal energy uses sunlight to generate electricity as well as produce heat that can be used to heat water or for home heating. Geothermal energy is energy that is produced by the earth. Like biomass and solar energy, geothermal energy can be

How does a solar panel work September 8

When the sun's rays strike an object, the atoms at its surface absorb the energy. In most cases, this simply causes those molecules to vibrate, producing heat. In the case of silicon, however, the sun's rays actually knock electrons off of the atoms.

How do chillers work September 8

Chillers make use of refrigerant gas to remove heat from liquid in a central processing plant. Once the water has been refrigerated, it is circulated through a forced water system that allows it to exchange heat with the structure in question. This s

What is a combustion reaction September 8

Hydrocarbon combustion typically results in three common products: heat, water and carbon dioxide. It is possible for the heat to generate flames in the right conditions depending on the reactants. If there is insufficient oxygen to react with the fu

Why does soap decrease surface tension August 3

Surface tension deals with the cohesiveness of molecules in a liquid. Cohesion refers to the attractive force between molecules of the same type. Water molecules cohere more strongly to one another than to air molecules, forming a surface layer that

How do water bottle rockets work August 2

To prepare a water bottle rocket, you need a plastic bottle partially filled with water and some sort of an air pump. A hand pump is capable of providing enough pressure for lift off, but serious hobbyists often opt for an air compressor. Two-liter s
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