How do you take screenshots on a Galaxy S3 October 22

Go to SettingsAccess the Settings of the handset. Swipe down the Notifications tray, and tap on the Settings icon to access the Settings menu. Alternatively, tap on the Settings icon on the Home screen.Enable the Palm Swipe To Capture optionOnce the

What is the app store for the Windows phone October 22

As of 2015, the Windows Phone Store only offers applications and games that have been tested by Microsoft, ensuring that users are unlikely to download apps that include undesirable or rogue features. Windows Phone Store users have access to a unique

What is a syntax error October 22

Some common syntax errors include an incorrect, missing or extra punctuation; use of a variable that the program does not recognize; and an incorrect ordering of the words in the source code. The compiler usually indicates the probable location of th

What is Microsoft clip art October 12

To obtain the clip art, users download Microsoft Office on their computer. Microsoft offers the clip art to customers at no charge. Users can search through the clips by looking at the thumbnail samples listed in the category each chosen category. Fe

How do you turn off Photostream October 10

Return to the home screen Turn on your iOS device. If your device is currently in an application, press the Home button to return to the Home screen.Open the photo options menuTap the Settings icon, a silver icon with a picture of gears on it. Find a

What does AirDrop do October 10

AirDrop lets users share files using devices, such as iPhone 5 or later, iPad, iPad mini and iPad touch. It supports everything that shows up on a Share sheet. A person can send files to a single contact, or everyone on their contact list. Also, he o

How do you reinstall iTunes October 10

Open the Windows Control Panel In Windows 7 or lower, click the Start button and select Control Panel. Go to Programs and Features and then Uninstall a Program. In Windows 8, tap or click File Explorer and then the Settings menu. Select the Control P

How do you disable Norton 360 Antivirus October 10

Open the Norton 360 Control PanelIf Norton 360 is enabled, it is running in the background. Navigate to the task bar, and click on the tiny arrowhead to view the tray icons. Right-click on the Norton 360 program's icon, and select Open.Deselect the p

What is a Straight Talk smartphone October 10

Straight Talk is a subsidiary of TracFone Wireless. TracFone uses the wireless networks of the various large wireless network companies in the United States to offer wireless phone service through its various subsidiaries such as Straight Talk. TracF

What is a Citrix farm October 9

There are many advantages to setting up a Citrix farm, the most significant of which is ease of access and configuration for system administrators. Setting up a server farm allows administrators to configure features and settings for the entire netwo

How can you tell if your phone line is tapped October 9

How can you tell if your phone line is tapped
According to an investigation by WTHR news in Indiana, spyware sales are at an all-time high, making it easy for criminals to tap into cellular phone lines and land lines. Spyware programs c ...

How does computer technology affect our lives October 9

How does computer technology affect our lives
Computer technology affects people's lives because they spend a lot of time with computing devices and resources, such as mobile phones and the Internet. People depend on computers in doing ...

How can you unlock a Blackberry Bold October 9

Locate the "Lock" keyFind the "Lock" key on your BlackBerry Bold. This key is located at the top-right of the phone. Press the keyPress the lock key to unlock your phone if it is already locked. If the phone is not currently locked, pr

How do you take a screenshot on an Android October 9

Determine what Android operating system you haveTap the Home button, and select Menu on your Android phone. Tap on Settings, and then select About Phone. Tap on Software Information, and the operating system appears. If you are running version 4.0 or
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