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Is hairspray bad for your hair July 29

Is hairspray bad for your hair
Credit:Lucy LambriexMomentGetty ImagesHairspray is meant to be used once between each shampooing. Shampooing hair in between each style can prevent product buildup that can cause hair to app ...

How is hair grease made July 29

How is hair grease made
Credit:i love imagesCulturaGetty ImagesMineral oil and petroleum jelly are derived from refining crude oil, a process that also yields motor oil, propane and gasoline. Lanolin is derived fro ...

Is mousse bad for the hair July 29

Not only does repeated use of mousse and other harsh hair products damage the hair over time, it can also have health consequences, according to the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee. There are over 40,000 hair follicles on the human head on

Is it safe to apply texturizer on relaxed hair July 28

Is it safe to apply texturizer on relaxed hair
Credit:Philippe RegardThe Image BankGetty ImagesRelaxers and texturizers use a lot of the same chemicals to straighten the hair or soften curls. Texturizing formulas are milder than relaxers ...

What is Rave hairspray July 28

Rave hairspray uses a citrus blended with a peach scent to avoid the unpleasant smells that some hairsprays may have. Rave hairspray claims to prevent the frizziness that causes bad hair days. Rave uses a formula called ClimaShield for extra-holding
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