Stellar Astronomy

What is the Milky Way made of September 3

Scientists don't know the true nature of dark matter. They only know that it neither absorbs nor emits electromagnetic radiation. It's also believed that there is so much dust, gas and dark matter near the center of the Milky Way that it forms a bulg

What is the galaxy of Orion September 3

The Orion constellation is composed of seven major stars and another 74 minor stars, 10 of which are known to have planets. The nebula that takes its name from the constellation is a stellar nursery where new stars are being assembled. It is interior

What is dust cloud theory September 3

What is dust cloud theory
The particles in the cloud were generally small, but they exerted a slight gravitational force on each other. This force gradually caused the cloud to collapse toward a common center of grav ...

What is the Star Registry September 3

The International Star Registry is just one of many companies that sell star names, and the names assigned to "its" stars are kept on file only in the company's own database. As the IAU explains, the scientific community does not consider the ni

How do you find the North Star September 3

How do you find the North Star
Make your way to a clear locationThe north horizon needs to be clear, and most of the stars need to be visible after sunset. If possible, get away from cities because they produce too much l ...

How many light years away is the farthest star September 3

How many light years away is the farthest star
Galaxies are composed of billions of stars that are all but impossible to observe individually at extreme distances. Light from the most distant observable galaxies has had to travel several ...

What does supernova mean September 3

What does supernova mean
Toward the end of their lives, massive stars run out of hydrogen to convert into helium. These stars then start forming more massive elements such as carbon and oxygen from the helium. In it ...

What makes the stars appear to move from east to west across the night sky September 3

What makes the stars appear to move from east to west across the night sky
The stars maintain their formations as they move across the night sky, explains Daniel V. Schroeder of the Weber State University Physics Department. As such, the perceived distance between ...

What is a stellar nebula September 3

What is a stellar nebula
The cosmic objects known as nebulae, from the Latin for cloud, serve as the birthplace of stars. Stellar formation begins in a nebula when particles within the cloud begin to bond with each ...

What color is the coolest star July 28

Red is the lowest temperature at which a star can shine in a visible light. As its temperature changes, a star's color changes as well, and the hotter it becomes, the more blue light it produces. Therefore, as it is heated, a star's light moves from

What is the color of Polaris July 28

A star's classification is based on its temperature, which is often determined by its elemental composition. An F7 star is near the lower end of the temperature scale for class F stars, nearer to the cooler, yellow class G stars than the hotter, whit

What is the definition of a star July 28

Stars are classified by astronomers by their spectra (measured by observed color) and average temperature. Younger, larger stars tend to be hotter, while older stars tend to be cooler. The sun is an ordinary yellow dwarf star, young relative to other

What kind of star is Polaris July 28

Polaris is also a triple-star system that's about 430 light years away. Polaris A is a yellow supergiant that is 2500 times brighter than the Sun. Polaris is also called the "pole star" because the other stars in the sky seem to orbit around it.
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