States of Matter

What are types of liquids October 9

Liquids are one of the three basic states of matter. Any substance that has a definite volume but no definite shape is a liquid. Because the state of matter of a given substance can change with conditions such as increasing or decreasing temperature,

Does a gas have a definite volume October 9

The volume of a gas is dependent on mass, pressure and temperature. Boyle's Law states that at a fixed mass and temperature, the pressure and the volume of the gas are inversely related. This relationship is written in the equation PV = k, where P is

How do you make ice crystals September 13

The crystal chamber experiment is a very basic one. It makes use of refrigeration and controlled drainage to encourage crystal formation in a tightly controlled environment.Cut the soda bottle and fit the spongeCut the bottom off of the soda bottle a

How long does water take to freeze in a freezer September 10

How long does water take to freeze in a freezer
If two water glasses are placed in the freezer at the same time and one is filled only a third of the way, while the other is filled halfway, the one with less water freezes first. The size ...

Why does air expand with heat September 9

According to the kinetic molecular theory, the average kinetic energy of molecules in any substance is directly proportional to the temperature of the substance. This means that when heat is supplied to an object, the temperature increases and the ki

How does evaporation work September 8

Evaporation can be seen both in natural and artificial processes. Evaporation is a major step of the water cycle. Liquid water in the ground and pools of water evaporate, often with the help of the sunlight's heat, and rise until they condense into c

What is the equation for density September 8

While densities for specific materials vary, gases tend to have relatively low densities compared to liquids and solids. Metals often have densities greater than 6.0 grams per cubic centimeter, which is significantly greater than fresh water's densit

Is melting a chemical change September 8

Ice is melted to give water. Water is frozen to give ice. These are reversible physical changes. In physical changes, the molecules are unaltered except for the amount of energy which they possess. Chemical changes alter the composition of the molecu

Why does chocolate melt July 31

Why does chocolate melt
Credit: FRANCOIS NASCIMBENI / Stringer AFP Getty Images Commercial chocolate has a shiny surface and snappy texture because manufacturers use a carefully controlled melting process to cultiv ...

What goes up and never comes down July 31

What goes up and never comes down
Credit: Image Source Digital Vision Getty Images What goes up and never comes down is a popular riddle, as gravity causes practically everything in the universe to rise and fall. One of the ...
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