Southeast Asia

Where is Thailand located September 12

The coast of Thailand is 2,000 miles long. The country's land constitutes 197,256 square miles, and its water makes up 861 square miles. Thailand's highest point is Doi Inthanon at 8,451 feet, and its lowest point is in the Gulf of Thailand at 0 feet

What is some information about Vietnam September 12

Two of Vietnam's important rivers are the Mekong and Red rivers. Many of the Vietnamese people still live along the delta regions of these rivers. Approximately 20 percent of Vietnam's land is arable, and agriculture is an important part of its econo

Where is alluvial soil found in India September 10

Alluvial soil is particularly productive, fertile and rich in nutrients like potassium. It occurs only around rivers and riverbeds when the rivers flood and leave behind soil deposits when the waters recede. Before the silt and soil cements over time

Where are the Philippines located September 9

The Republic of the Philippines is bordered by the Philippine Sea and the Pacific Ocean to the east, the Celebes Sea to the south, the Sulu sea to the southwest and the South China sea to the west. Nearby countries include Taiwan and Malaysia. Sixty-

What do you call a person from Singapore September 3

What do you call a person from Singapore
Singaporeans are also known to speak a complex creole known as "Singlish," consisting of elements of the Queen's English, a number of dialects, including Cantonese, Bengali, Teache ...

Which continent is Fiji a part of July 29

Which continent is Fiji a part of
Credit:Cultura Travel/Stuart WestmorlandThe Image BankGetty ImagesFiji became independent from British colonial rule on Oct. 10, 1970 and has since adopted a parliamentary democracy form of ...

Are Filipinos Asian July 29

The Philippines is Asia's largest Catholic country, even though it consists of over a hundred ethnic groups, as reported by Wikitravel. The official languages are Filipino, which is based on tagalog, and English. The Philippine islands were ceded to

Where is Jakarta July 29

Now a bustling, vibrant and thoroughly modern city, Jakarta was the capital of Dutch East India beginning in 1619. The city was then named Batavia. Indonesia achieved its independence from the Dutch in 1946. Jakarta has a monsoon climate and can get
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