What is a grey-banded kingsnake September 13

The gray-banded kingsnake is found in a variety of habitats throughout its range, including canyons, rocky hills, limestone ridges, boulder piles and desert flats at elevations up to 7,500 feet. They're able to survive extreme heat by spending much o

What is a group of snakes called September 13

What is a group of snakes called
Snakes are rarely found in groups. At times during the winter, snakes may congregate to brumate. This type of behavior is also common in bats and marmots.Groups of snakes will huddle togethe ...

Can snakes see September 11

Most underground snakes have poor vision, usually just enough to tell the difference between light and dark. If a snake primarily lives on the surface, its vision is usually sharp, and it has excellent depth perception. Some snakes have evolved pit o

What types of snakes are native to Florida September 11

What types of snakes are native to Florida
Florida's native snakes inhabit most of the state's diverse habitats, including wetlands, woodlands and fields. These snakes are a source of food for many other creatures, such as alligators ...

How do snakes help humans September 11

In addition to providing food to some animal species as prey, such as eagles, snakes are also predators of rodents and insects. Since rodents and insects can carry diseases, cause damage to houses and buildings and ruin farming land and crops, it is

What snakes are found in Georgia September 11

Snakes are common residents in the state of Georgia, living in forests, parks, farm ponds and even backyards. Although most snake species found in backyards and gardens are smaller and nonvenomous, some larger species are attracted by the rodents and

Which snakes give live birth September 11

The first type of viviparous is the boa. Boa is a common name for a non-venomous, constricting snake. There are more than 40 types of true boas, including two Asian species that lay eggs rather than give live birth. These snakes are known for their l

Where do corn snakes live September 11

Corn snakes range between 24 and 72 inches in length. The orange coloration and black-ringed red blemishes of the corn snake allow it to blend in with foliage, although the markings vary between individuals. The underside of the corn snake is charact

What is a Florida brown snake September 11

Adult specimens are thin and range from 7 to 10 inches in size. Rusty brown or gray in color, the snake bears a light mid-dorsal stripe with speckles on the sides. The belly ranges from tan to pink with black dots along the edges. This keeled-scale s

What is the super snake September 4

Shelby is a division of Ford, and it makes higher-performance variants of the Ford Mustang. Some of the high-performance Mustangs made by Shelby in the 1960s were called Cobras. In 1967, one extra-powerful Cobra was produced called the Super Snake th

What does a midland brown snake eat September 4

Native to midwestern and southeastern states, the midland brown snake inhabits moist areas, such as marshes, ponds, gardens and vacant subdivision lots. Unlike other snakes that lay eggs, this species gives birth to live young measuring 3 inches long

How many eggs does a king cobra lay September 4

King cobras are large, venomous snakes that grow between 9 and 18 feet long. Their mating season typically runs from January through April and during that time, the female constructs a nest in which to lay her eggs. After the eggs have been laid, she

Are milk snakes poisonous September 3

Are milk snakes poisonous
Milk snakes are native to the United States east of the Rocky Mountains. Their name comes from a folk legend that the snakes suck the milk of cows. It probably originated because the snakes ...

How do you keep snakes away from your house July 31

How do you keep snakes away from your house
Credit: Rhoberazzi E+ Getty Images Snakes are commonly afraid of humans and rarely come close to homes unless there is a lot of food nearby or they are lacking shelter elsewhere. Snakes most ...

What is a rough earth snake July 29

This slender species reaches just 7 to 10 inches in length and has a small head with a pointed snout and a whitish or tan belly. Keeled scales distinguish the rough earth from the smooth earth snake. Rough earth snakes spend most of their time underg
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