What element has 47 protons in its nucleus October 23

Elemental silver is part of the transitional metals group in the periodic table and is situated next to palladium and cadmium at 46 and 48 protons, respectively. Silver has anywhere from 58 to 64 neutrons and 47 electrons. The atomic weight of silver

What material is the best conductor of heat October 23

Other efficient conductors of heat include gold, tungsten, platinum and osmium. Elements that have a low density, and therefore are poor conductors of heat, include hydrogen, lithium, helium and nitrogen. Elements with very low and very high specific

How do you read a multimeter October 23

Turn on the multimeter, and calibrate the settingsMultimeters have several settings, such as both AC and DC voltage, resistance/impedance and amperage. More advanced models might include capacitance. Before testing anything, know what you want to mea

What is DNA methylation October 22

DNA methylation occurs at the cytosine bases of eukaryotic DNA. If DNA methylation has an error, it can lead to various diseases. Research shows the link between DNA methylation and cancer, lupus, muscular dystrophy and various birth defects. More re

Is helium reactive October 22

Is helium reactive
Helium is a gas that belongs to the noble gas family. It is colorless and has the chemical symbol He. This element has a low boiling point of -268.93 degrees Celsius and a melting point of - ...

What happens when lava cools down October 22

Lava flows out of a volcano at various speeds, and it may travel long distances before hardening or begin to turn crusty as soon as it is exposed to surrounding cooler air. The lava may collect in vast fields, which is what often happens with lava th

What is seismology October 22

Seismic waves are caused by the sudden breaking or cracking of rocks beneath the Earth's surface. Tectonic plates are constantly moving, though slowly, and cause earthquakes when they collide or rub against each other. The subsequent waves of energy

What is benzonatate October 20

Benzonatate usually comes in pill form. The medicine is in a capsule and is generally prescribed as something that can be taken as needed but not more than three times per day. Some people have been prescribed benzonatate in order to treat a severe c

How does a zygote form October 20

How does a zygote form
There are two types of nuclear cell division: mitosis and meiosis. During the process of mitosis, DNA molecules condense and form long strands of chromosomes. The molecules replicate themsel ...

Is toothpaste an acid or base October 19

The average pH level of nine toothpastes tested was 6.83 (slightly acidic). They had a range of pH levels, from 4.22 (acidic) to 8.35 (slightly alkaline or basic). Seven of these measured within one point of neutral (a level of seven). Toothpastes co

What is a duplex kidney October 19

Each kidney usually has one ureter connecting it to the bladder. According to The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, people with a duplex kidney have an extra ureter that either empties directly into the bladder or connects to the other ureter. If

What is cobalt(II) nitrate October 18

Cobalt(II) nitrate is most commonly found in the form of cobalt (II) nitrate hexahydrate. The hexahydrate is a crystal of cobalt(II) nitrate which has surrounded six molecules of water. It is also reddish-brown. The hydrate is soluble in water and wi

Is I2 polar or nonpolar October 18

All atoms have a certain electronegativity value associated with them that describes how much they pull a bonded pair of electrons towards themselves in a covalent bond. When a covalent bond is formed between two atoms through the sharing of electron

Will a magnet stick to titanium October 17

Will a magnet stick to titanium
Titanium is an element with an atomic number of 22 and represented by the symbol Ti. It has a low density with high strength. Because of its strength and hardness, titanium is often used to ...
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