Why do people worship October 18

Worship also serves as an indication of adoration, humility and submission to God and other deities. People worship different deities in different ways. However, the purposes of the different forms of worship are the same. Whether through songs of pr

What is ministerial responsibility October 9

What is ministerial responsibility
Ministerial responsibility is an idea that dates back to the 17th century under the Stuart reign. It was a mechanism that parliament members used to assign blame to ministers but not directl ...

What are the gifts of the Holy Spirit September 16

The gift of wisdom allows believers to choose the spiritual more easily over the physical. Understanding enables the faithful to comprehend the meaning of the scriptures and imparts empathy for others. The gift of counsel helps believers make the rig

Is Anna Stanley married September 16

Anna Stanley was married to Charles Stanley from 1958 until 2000. She filed for divorce in 1993 but later amended the lawsuit to ask for a legal separation to attempt reconciliation. Mrs. Stanley decided in 1995 that no reconciliation was possible, s

How do you find local Mormon churches September 16

How do you find local Mormon churches
"Meetinghouse" is the word used to describe the building where a Mormon congregation meets on Sundays. There is generally one meetinghouse for followers in a geographical area, but ...

Who formed the Episcopal Church September 16

The Church of England's beginnings date back to the second century, when merchants and other travelers first brought Christianity to England. In its current form, the church began during the English Reformation of the 16th century, when royal suprema

How do you make a cross from palms September 16

Locate a point about halfway down the palm, and fold the palm from that point, so that the two ends form a 90-degree angle between them. It may be helpful to draw a black line along the end pointing right. Next, wrap the end to the right all the way

What unique beliefs does Unity Church have September 15

Where most Christian denominations focus on Jesus' atonement and his dying for humanity's sins, the Unity Church beliefs do not place any emphasis on or refer to this event. The church believes that the spirit of God lived in Jesus and in every other

What is a Jewish priest called September 15

Certain rules in Judaism apply to Kohens, including that they may not marry a divorced person. Kohens are also given the high honor of being the first person called to read the Torah. They are also given the right to say a blessing when they are pres

What is a Jewish beard September 15

What is a Jewish beard
The traditional Jewish beard is now worn primarily by followers of Chabad Chassidim, who practice a strict, traditional Judaism and subscribe to prohibitions on the "destruction" o ...

Where can you find the best TD Jakes sermons September 15

Where can you find the best TD Jakes sermons
The broadcast of these sermons are part of the Potter's Touch weekly program. Bishop Jakes preaches on a variety of themes that include restoration, forgiveness and healing of past hurts. He ...
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