Regional Cuisine

What do Chinese people eat for lunch September 7

Alongside rice, which might be steamed as balls or fried, and noodles,which may be fried, steamed or served in a soup, some typical Chinese dishes include:Filled dumplings or buns (Jiaozi or Baozi)Steamed fishFried green onion pancakesTofu is also ve

What foods are popular in Italy September 3

Italy is known for pasta, including basil pesto, lasagna, spaghetti, orecchiette pasta, egg pasta and ragu. Often, ricotta cheese is used in these pasta recipes with olive oil, asparagus, tomato and meat sauces, basil, porcini mushrooms, eggplants, c

Where did rice originate July 29

Historians credit the origins of rice to the emperor Shennong of China. In addition to introducing rice to the world, Shennong receives credit for establishing China's agricultural sector.Rice proved hardy, nutritious and easy to grow, making its pop

What crops are grown in New Jersey July 29

New Jersey is among the leading producers of cranberries and blueberries in the country. Farmers in New Jersey also engage in different activities, such as bee keeping and dairy farming. Most of the farm products in New Jersey are sold to its residen

What are some Indian spices July 29

What are some Indian spices
Credit:Frank BienewaldLightRocketGetty ImagesAsafoetida, also called hing, is an aromatic powdered tree resin often used in Indian vegetarian dishes. The raw powder is extremely pungent and ...

What are the staple foods in France July 29

The French are among the biggest consumers of cheese in the world, and a table is not often without wine in all parts of the country. Fine quality eggs are commonly served scrambled or hard-boiled. Locally grown fungi is featured in French cooking, a

What is Western cuisine July 29

What is Western cuisine
Credit:svariophotoE+Getty ImagesIn Western cuisine, meat is generally the centerpiece of any meal, while sweets are reserved for the end of the meal. This is distinct from Asian cuisines, in ...

What is the national dish of Canada July 29

Poutine can be found in small diners, pubs, hockey arenas and even fast food chains, such as McDonald's, Burger King and Harvey's. There are different variations of poutine, with some recipes using bacon, chicken or smoked meat as a topping. There ar

Where do they call milkshakes cabinets July 29

Where do they call milkshakes cabinets
Credit:Digital Vision.PhotodiscGetty ImagesAccording to food columnist Adam Ried, calling milkshakes "cabinets" may have originated because some of the ingredients and equipment ne ...

What is Mongolian food July 29

What is Mongolian food
Credit:Stuart SpivackCC-BY-SA 2.0Mongolian food is influenced by Chinese and Russian cuisines, yet retains its own distinct character. Domesticated cattle, horses, sheep and yaks are the sou ...

What do the French eat for lunch July 28

What do the French eat for lunch
Credit:Jenny DowningCC-BY 2.0Most French restaurants begin serving lunch at 0 am. Soup, salad and some terrine are considered a starter. The main meal includes vegetables, fish or meat, ...

What does Kung Pao chicken taste like July 28

What does Kung Pao chicken taste like
Credit:The Crimson MonkeyE+Getty ImagesThe dish originated in the Szechuan region of China. Over time, many variations on the recipe have been developed. The chicken in the dish can be eithe ...

Why do French people eat snails July 28

Why do French people eat snails
Credit:mmcdjCC-BY 2.0Snails are cooked in parsley butter and garlic while they are still in the shell. The snails perform a water fast that lasts for three days before the farmers harvest th ...

What are some popular Vietnamese foods July 28

What are some popular Vietnamese foods
Credit:Luke MaCC-BY 2.0Vietnamese cuisine depends on a number of vegetables indigenous to Asia, especially Southeast Asia. These include bamboo shoots, kohlrabi, chayote root, water spinach ...
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