How does convectional rainfall occur September 16

Heat from the sun's rays shining down on the ground or ocean surface causes evaporation. The transformation of moisture at the surface into warm water vapor is called convection. As the moisture evaporates into the atmosphere as water vapor, it event

How do you save water September 11

Personal ways to save water begin with simple efforts at conservation. Installing low-flow plumbing fixtures, making sure that the faucets are all closed tightly and fixing drips are simple measures that can save hundreds of gallons a year in the ave

What are 10 facts about acid rain September 11

The most common cause of acid rain is due to humans burning sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides, which react negatively to water and oxygen. These chemicals are typically released from factories, vehicles and power plants. In addition to human causes,

How are monsoons measured July 29

How are monsoons measured
Credit:Coconino National ForestCC-BY-2.0The West African monsoon spans from June to September and is located in western Africa. The North American monsoon spans from July to September, creat ...

What causes a drought July 29

What causes a drought
Credit:cuellarMomentGetty ImagesUnusual warming or cooling of sea surface temperatures can create a change in air temperature. This change of air temperature can affect the location of conve ...

What goes up when the rain comes down July 28

What goes up when the rain comes down
Credit:Dominic CrossleyMomentGetty ImagesThis particular riddle can have other answers that are equally as "correct" as "umbrella." Other things that go up when rain come ...

How is rain made July 28

The air is always filled with tiny drops of water vapor. However, warm air contains more vapor than cool air, and that is why the air is more humid during warmer months. When warm air rises, the water droplets rise. Mountains also cause water droplet

Why is rain water naturally acidic July 28

Why is rain water naturally acidic
Credit:Phil AshleyStoneGetty ImagesCarbonic acid is only weakly acidic. The compound is commonly used in sparkling wines and carbonated beverages, and it is a minor component of human blood. ...

What makes it rain July 28

Water on the surface of the Earth can evaporate and rise into the atmosphere. As it rises, the water cools and condenses inside of a cloud. Water is stored in clouds until enough water droplets have accumulated. Then precipitation occurs; depending o

How does rain happen July 28

Low atmospheric temperatures and high relative humidity results in air saturation, where clouds begin to thicken and moisture particles fall to the ground as precipitation. Aside from rain, other types of precipitation include snow, sleet, freezing r

What is an average amount of rainfall in wetlands July 28

What is an average amount of rainfall in wetlands
Credit:Auscape/UIGUniversal Images GroupGetty ImagesWetlands are known for supporting a considerable amount of plant life. Other words to describe similar regions include marshes, fens and b ...

What does infiltration mean in regards to the water cycle July 28

What does infiltration mean in regards to the water cycle
Credit:David HendersonCaiaimageGetty ImagesThe rate of infiltration is the speed at which the soil takes in water either from the rain or from irrigation. How quickly the water is absorbed d ...

What is orographic rainfall July 28

What is orographic rainfall
Credit:BERTHIER Emmanuel / hemis.frhemis.frGetty ImagesOrographic precipitation, also known as relief precipitation, typically affects mountainous areas near coastlines. When these areas are ...

What is convection rainfall July 28

This process often causes clouds to develop. As the clouds become heavy, the weight of the clouds can cause precipitation, or convection rainfall. Convectional storms occur in many different geographic locations, but are more severe in tropical areas
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