What causes river pollution October 9

Point-source pollution is the easiest type of river pollution to correct, as it can be traced to a single source. An industrial operation may accidentally discharge untreated pollutants into a river, or a flood at a wastewater treatment plant may cau

Why is diesel smoke black October 9

The black smoke contains a lot of particulates that are essentially large diesel particles that would be burned as fuel if the engine were operating efficiently. Black diesel smoke is usually caused by faulty injectors or injector pumps; a malfunctio

How long does it take for Styrofoam to decompose September 9

How long does it take for Styrofoam to decompose
Styrofoam does not decompose because the polymer beads that comprise it are resistant to photolysis. It is harmful to the environment because it requires hydroflourocarbons that negatively i ...

Why is water pollution bad September 6

When water becomes polluted, it carries diseases and bacteria that pose a public health risk. Sometimes, this is because of polluted urban run off from sewers and drainpipes, or from animal feces entering the water system as a result of agricultural

What is a STAR station smog check September 6

What is a STAR station smog check
Vehicles that previously failed a smog check, have a high chance of failing or are one of a random sample of vehicles are chosen to have a smog check by a STAR station. Inspections performed ...

How can acid rain be reduced September 4

Transportation contributes most to acid rain pollution because automobiles depend on fossil fuels. Therefore, opting to use public transport, riding bicycles and walking, when possible, reduces fossil fuel emissions and acid rain. Alternative energy
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