How do you get to Pallet Town in Pokemon Gold October 10

How do you get to Pallet Town in Pokemon Gold
Travel to the Kanto RegionIn order to get to Kanto, players need to get the S.S. Ticket from Professor Elm in New Bark Town. The ship leaves from Olivine City's port, and the player can leav ...

How do you make a Digimon September 16

To get familiar with the traits and transformations of the digimons, watch several of the anime show episodes and/or look at some of the manga art. Then, choose a particular type for the digimon to be and lend it a form. The digimon could be a natura

What are some rare Pokemon cards September 8

The first edition holographic Charizard card came in the first set of Pokemon cards. A shadowless version of the card, which doesn't have the standard shadowed bevel in the main image, is the rarer and more valuable version. Shadowless versions of th

What websites let you create Pokemon cards September 8

What websites let you create Pokemon cards
On Mypokecard.com, there is a thumbnail of a Pokemon card on the left which dynamically updates as visitors fill in the card's information. Users can upload personal photos to be used on the ...

Can you print Pokemon cards September 8

Both of these sites allow users to upload their own pictures that will appear on their customized Pokemon cards. They can choose the type of creature to display from options including fire, darkness and metal, and then choose its evolution. There is

How do you make Pokemon cards September 8

Choose a creatureIn the first section of the online form, fill out the details for the creature part of the card. This includes selecting an element type, series type, name and hit points. Upload an imageSelect an image from your computer using the C

How many Pokemon are there September 8

Many Pokémon make their homes in natural habitats along routes that run through the regions of the Pokémon world, which can be either on land or in the ocean. However, some Pokémon are native to urban centers. Despite being much more powerful than ty

What are some tips for drawing Pokemon September 8

The first step in drawing a Pokemon is to choose a reference picture to use as the basis of the drawing. A reference picture serves as a visual guide not only to the look and shape of the Pokemon but to its proportions and the way its body looks in a

Where can you find Pokemon photos September 8

Where can you find Pokemon photos
The first generation of Pokemon video games started with 151 different species of Pokemon, when the game was first launched in the United States in 1998. The number of Pokemon gradually incr ...

What is a shiny Jolteon September 5

Shiny Pokémon were first introduced in Generation II of the Pokémon games. When encountering a wild shiny Pokémon, the player recognizes it not only by the Pokémon's unique coloration, but also by the animated stars and different noise played when th

What is Serebii EV training September 5

EV stands for "Effort Value" and is a value given to a Pokémon to determine what stats increase when it gains a level. They are gained from battling Pokémon who give the player experience. Each Pokémon has a different EV award and it takes four
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