How do you stop water hammer October 19

Water hammer occurs when air chambers built into the plumbing system become filled or blocked. Normally, these chambers help mediate the pressure buildup caused when taps close. When they become blocked, that pressure can resonate through the pipes,

Who makes Uberhaus brand toilets September 15

Private label is essentially another term for store brand, but private label products are often sold under a name of their own, not of the store, as in the case of RONA and its Uberhaus toilets and other products. The Private Label Manufacturers Asso

How do you cut PVC pipe September 15

Measure the pipeUse the measuring tape to determine where the cut should be on the PVC pipe. Apply masking tape all the way around the pipe on the area to be cut. Use the tape as a guide to draw a straight line around the pipe with the pencil. Remove

How do you unclog a main sewer drain September 15

The Sewer Jet Gazette states that a clogged main sewer drain is indicated when drains in more than one room do not drain properly. If left clogged, sewage or other materials from further up the line can be forced out of drains inside the house. Given

How do you remove a bathtub stopper September 14

Attempt to remove by handUsing your hand, try to take the bathtub stopper out. Some models can be removed simply by pulling hard enough on them. However, if your bathtub stopper is screwed into the fixture itself, you are going to need to remove it w

What is a ring around the toilet September 7

Mineral deposits and hard water cause pale brown stains. Black, orange and green rings are typically created by mold. Pink rings indicate the presence of Serratia marcescens, a common bacterium. Mold or bacterial rings can be treated by cleaning the

Does Kohler faucet installation require special tools and knowledge September 6

Does Kohler faucet installation require special tools and knowledge
Kohler faucets are equipped with flexible water supply lines that make it easy to install the appliances almost anywhere. The supply lines can be completely connected using a simple wrench. ...

How does a pulsation dampener work September 3

According to Cat Pumps, systems that utilize pipes and pressurized liquids are at risk of being damaged by irregular pulses. This can do damage to a number of different pieces of equipment, such as regulators, sensors and solenoids. Pulsation dampene
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