Which ear piercing indicates homosexuality September 14

Which ear piercing indicates homosexuality
By the late 1980s, teenage boys pierced their left ears as a fashion statement, leaving their right ears unpierced in acknowledgement of the gay-related symbolism involved. By the early 1990 ...

Do nose piercings hurt September 14

Nose piercings hurt more than belly or ear piercings because the needle and jewelry pass through cartilage rather than fatty or fleshy tissues. It is also common for the eyes to water reflexively in response to the sensation of the needle. Ongoing pa

Where are piercing places September 5

Ear piercing is typically done in the lobe's soft tissue. The standard healing period for a lobe piercing is generally eight weeks. Ear piercing is also done in the stronger cartilage around the outer ear although cartilage piercings are a little mor

Do cartilage piercings hurt September 5

Cartilage piercings require a longer healing period than other skin piercings because there is less blood circulation through cartilage. The average healing time for cartilage piercings is four to 12 months. The lack of circulation in ear cartilage m

How do I become a piercing artist July 31

How do I become a piercing artist
Credit: Valentin Casarsa E+ Getty Images Complete an apprenticeshipThe Association of Professional Piercers notes that the standard way to enter the profession is to train under a licensed, ...

How do you install nose studs July 31

Pick a piercing studioTo install a nose stud for the first time, choose a reputed piercing studio. Ensure that the staff is experienced and that they use good quality jewellery. Choose the type of piercingYou have several options with regards to the
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