What is ISO in photography September 13

Cameras have a sensor that gathers light and transforms it into an image. The base ISO in a camera is the lowest ISO number of the sensor that can create the highest image quality. ISO numbers range from 100 to 200. Each step between numbers doubles

Who takes pictures of eyes September 13

"Your Beautiful Eyes" is a series of detailed photographs of human eyes. The photographs are taken with a macro lens to show the details of the iris. "Animal Eyes" features eye images from a crocodile, parrot, chinchilla, camel, crane

What is a tripod used for September 13

What is a tripod used for
It is difficult to hold a camera by hand without shaking it, but shots with slow shutter speeds need to be absolutely steady or the picture blurs. Tripods allow photographers to maintain sta ...

Does JC Penney offer family portraits August 3

Does JC Penney offer family portraits
Credit: stokkete iStock Getty Images In addition to family portraits, JC Penny also specializes in a variety of other types of special portrait sessions. Some example options include newborn ...

What is equivalent exposure August 2

Many modern cameras incorporate intelligent exposure technology that does many of the aperture to shutter speed calculations automatically. Before taking a picture, set the shutter speed or aperture priority. By doing this, the camera automatically a

Do speed cameras flash once or twice August 2

The second photo determines whether or not a citation is warranted. The automated enforcement system is most commonly used for red light violations, reports the Insurance Agency for Highway Safety. Some states use this technology to identify drivers

What are some of the most photographed mountains August 2

What are some of the most photographed mountains
Credit: Steven Bratman CC-BY 2.0 Many of the world's most photographed mountains are in Colorado. The Rocky Mountains are a tourist haven, attracting photographers, hikers, campers and skier ...

What are the goals of the AIAP August 2

Other goals of the AIAP include spreading general awareness of the value of its members by displaying their work through various mediums and by providing access to opportunities and resources. The organization also draws on the professional experienc
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