What is the definition of cultural erasure October 10

What is the definition of cultural erasure
Unfortunately, cultural erasure is a very common practice. One of the best living examples of cultural erasure is the State of Hawaii, which was, at one point, a sovereign island community w ...

What is professional behavior September 12

What is professional behavior
Professional behavior is a form of etiquette that applies to business people and those who engage others in this setting. It requires an individual to remain honest, open, dedicated to corpo ...

What are examples of moral issues September 11

Morality encompasses the standards individuals and societies use to define actions as acceptable or unacceptable by members of that society. For example, A Pew research study found that extramarital affairs were examples of a moral issue that was con

How do you respond to a compliment September 8

It is human nature to be embarrassed about receiving praise. Instead of acknowledging it, people tend to either deflect it or reject it. Responding to compliments in this manner devalues the praise and undermines and insults the giver.Responding in a

Why is life so boring September 7

Boredom, like other feelings, is a person's perception of stimulation interpreted through the senses. Some researchers believe boredom arises when a person can't interpret his feelings or desires, a phenomenon called alexithymia. Sufferers don't know

What are perceptual blocks that influence views when it comes to critical thinking September 6

What are perceptual blocks that influence views when it comes to critical thinking
The main perpetual blocks to critical thinking include a strong resistance to change, labels, "black and white" thinking, hasty moral judgments, cultural conditioning and a relianc ...

What is the utilitarian approach September 6

What is the utilitarian approach
Moral reasoning is used in many ways by individuals and groups every day. Actions and decisions that classify as utilitarianism are explained as the rationale behind the decisions that peopl ...

What are examples of ethical egoism September 6

In ethical egoism, a person focuses on her own self-interests before all others. Ethical egoism proponents believe that focusing on one's own self-interests benefits all of society because society runs more efficiently. Thomas Hobbes was a famous pro

What is the difference between law and justice September 6

What is the difference between law and justice
The Canadian Department of Justice delivers a fitting summary of law, defining it as "rules meant to control or change...behavior" that are "enforced by the courts." Law ...

What is the good life according to Plato September 3

Since Plato's philosophy of the good life applies to all things, some functions are easier to discover and act upon than others. For example, a chair has a natural function to be sat upon. When it comes to mankind however, Plato felt that the natural

When do you call it quits September 3

People need to consider quitting when no matter how much effort is put into doing a task well, the rewards received in return simply are no longer worth it. This is a sign it is time to move on to something else. Sometimes a fear of failure prevents

What does trust thyself mean September 3

What does trust thyself mean
One can find a number of references to "Trust thyself" in Western literature. A similar quote from William Shakespeare, "To thine own self be true" continues the positive ...
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