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What is the average border collie weight October 20

Due to their medium size, these dogs are sometimes selected as apartment dogs. Border collies, however, are extremely high energy and active whether indoors or out. They need plenty of room to run, or they will become bored and destructive. Large yar

What is an Airedale Terrier like October 20

What is an Airedale Terrier like
When left alone for long periods of time, Airedale Terriers tend to bark and become rambunctious, resulting in chewing and jumping behaviors. The ideal environment for an Airedale Terrier is ...

How do you dry up a mother dog's milk October 19

How do you dry up a mother dog's milk
Under ideal circumstances, the weaning process is gradual, and milk production reduces slowly. Once puppies reach the appropriate age for weaning, owners begin introducing them to small amou ...

Are maggots harmful to dogs October 19

Neurological symptoms of cuterebra infection include dizziness, lying down, circling, paralysis and blindness, says PetMD. Maggot larvae that migrate to the eyeball can cause lesions. Maggot infestations can also cause shock and lethargy. Dogs typica

Why won't a dog eat October 18

Other health problems that can cause dogs to lose their appetites are dental problems, body pain, liver diseases and infections, notes WebMD. Dogs are usually able to go without eating for a day or two without suffering negative effects, but it is im

Can dogs catch colds October 18

The symptoms dogs experience during a cold include sneezing, coughing, runny or stuffy nose and watery eyes. The illness can't be spread across species, but other dogs can catch it. If other dogs are in the home, they should be separated from the one

How do you train a dog to sit October 10

Say the word "sit" each time you practiceThis gives your dog a verbal cue, and it should eventually learn what the cue means. Keep a treat close to your dog's faceDon't let the dog take the treat until it is in the sitting position, but keep the

Do corgis shed October 10

Daily vacuuming is necessary for corgi owners, or the hair can build up on the floor and furniture. A corgi does not need frequent baths, but daily brushing can help reduce the amount of shedding. During heavy seasonal shedding, daily brushing and we

What is a California spangled cat October 10

California spangled cats have long, lean, muscular bodies; almond-shaped eyes; ears set back from the face; and sculpted cheekbones. This gives them their traditional wild appearance. Coat colors include charcoal, black, silver, bronze, gold, brown,

What are the best pitbull kennels October 10

What are the best pitbull kennels
Pit bulls are responsive to training and very eager to please. They are strong, energetic and powerful and are well-known for their determination and resourcefulness. It is important to note ...

Why do cats lick plastic October 10

Plastic bags that once contained food, such as those from restaurants and grocery stores, may attract the cat and encourage licking due to the smell remaining in the plastic. The crinkling of the bag as the cat plays with it and licks it can resemble

Are cows color blind October 10

Since cattle have no more than two color receptors, all they see in terms of color are certain shades of blue and yellow. The proliferation of bullfighting in different parts of the world has led to the widespread impression that cattle in general re

Why do cows lay down October 10

Why do cows lay down
Each resting period lasts between 30 minutes and three hours. A cow often rises just long enough to stretch and lie back down on the other side. In addition to promoting milk production, the ...

What is the scientific name for cow October 10

What is the scientific name for cow
Cows live in social groups called herds, led by a dominant male who also has exclusive rights to mating. Males tend to be larger than females, especially in the head and neck area. Both male ...

When is it safe to touch newborn kittens October 10

When is it safe to touch newborn kittens
Kittens can be safely socialized in their second week of life. Socializing is accomplished by handling the kittens for a limited amount of time per day. Pet the kitten or by simply hold it n ...

What is a black ground beetle October 9

What is a black ground beetle
Black ground beetles don't fly, but they defend themselves with tough shells and foul-smelling chemicals, and they possess the ability to swiftly overtake prey as well as escape from predato ...
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