Pet Rabbits

What type of rabbits make the best pets July 29

What type of rabbits make the best pets
Credit:becca02CC-BY-SA 2.0The Sussex is a fairly new breed that resembles a teddy bear in both looks and temperament. They are friendly and interactive and enjoy spending time with people. T ...

How big do Holland Lops get July 29

Holland Lops were originally bred by a European named Adriann de Cock. He bred Netherland Dwarfs with French Lops and English Lops until the first Holland Lop was born in 1955. This particular rabbit, however, weighed between 4.5 and 6 lbs. and Adria

Why do rabbits bite people July 28

The Rabbit House suggests visiting a vet when a rabbit is biting to rule out health problems and explore the option of having the rabbit spayed or neutered. Because rabbits are vulnerable prey animals, they can become defensive when they are in pain

Do rabbits make good pets July 28

Owning a rabbit is nothing like keeping a cat or dog as a pet, as rabbits have their own special needs and require different levels of care and attention than other pets. One major factor in keeping a rabbit as a pet is ensuring the area they are all

What are the types of pet rabbits July 28

What are the types of pet rabbits
Credit:SHINYA SASAKI/AfloSHINYA SASAKI/AfloGetty ImagesSussex rabbits look a little bit like teddy bears and are friendly and outgoing. Dutch rabbits are smaller rabbits with calm personalit ...

What are some popular names for pet bunnies July 28

What are some popular names for pet bunnies
Credit:Angela LumsdenMomentGetty ImagesThumper and Roger both tend to be popular pet bunny names because of the characters from the film "Bambi" and "Who Framed Roger Rabbit,& ...

What do bunnies like to eat July 28

Hay provides the necessary fiber required for a healthy digestive tract, while vegetables, such as lettuce, cilantro and parsley, provide important dietary nutrients and vitamins. Bunnies less than 7 months old should primarily be fed alfalfa pellets

What is proper care for dwarf rabbits July 28

What is proper care for dwarf rabbits
Credit:Frank LukasseckPhotographer's Choice RFGetty ImagesDwarf rabbits living indoors need a cage, water bottle and litter box. Sometimes cages come with removable plastic trays, which make ...

Can rabbits eat broccoli July 28

Rabbits, unlike humans, do not experience flatulence or goiter even when consuming large amounts of broccoli. However, rabbits must consume broccoli in moderation, because the main part of a rabbit's diet depends on fresh grass hay. Feeding a rabbit

Can rabbits eat watermelon July 28

Rabbits rely on very high-fiber foods, such as hay and grass to keep their digestive system moving. Feeding a rabbit watermelon to the exclusion of fibrous vegetable matter can cause the rabbit's digestion to slow down or even stop entirely. Unfortun

How long do bunnies live July 28

Even domesticated rabbits that are kept outdoors are at serious risk for predation by stray dogs or cats, raccoons, hawks or other local predators. Whether or not a rabbit has been neutered is another factor in its longevity. Females with intact repr

How do you litter train a bunny July 28

Watch your rabbit over the course of a few days to see where it eliminatesWhenever you see your rabbit urinating or passing pellets of feces, make note of where it goes. You will notice that it usually goes in the same general area of its cage, often

How do you clean rabbit fur July 28

Annual cleaning maximizes the lifetime of the fur garment. Moreover, a furrier can detect any tears that might be otherwise unnoticed, and they can also replenish the fur using essential oils that enhance the fur's sheen, softness and longevity. Fur

How long do dwarf rabbits live July 28

Hay should be part of the diet at all times, because it is essential for the digestive system. There are over 50 different breeds of domestic rabbits worldwide, but the Netherland dwarf rabbit is the smallest, weighing a maximum of 3 1/2 pounds. Due

Do rabbits bite July 28

Proper animal care, handling and training helps to reduce the risk of being bitten. Although a rabbit bite typically only inflicts a minor wound, any bite can expose an individual to biological hazards, which may be transferred through blood, secreti
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