Who made the first pair of jeans September 5

Jacob Davis created work pants from bolts of denim fabric that he purchased from the Levi Strauss & Co. wholesale business. Davis came up with an idea to reinforce the seams and pockets with copper rivets to prevent the pants from tearing in those ar

What size is a 32-inch waist September 5

What size is a 32-inch waist
It is important to consider more than just waist size when determining clothes size. The inseam length, hip and thigh measurements are important considerations for jeans and pants, due to a ...

What are bootcut jeans September 5

The style of bootcut jeans remains en vogue today but dates back to the 1800s. The bootcut style initially found use on sailing vessels, as sailors needed long pants that fit over their boots. Men and women use bootcut jeans for the same purposes, fi

What are hip-hop sweatpants September 3

For style and versatility, use the fabrics and colors of hip-hop sweatpants to make a fashion statement. Consumers can choose from bright solid colors, primary colors and wild, exotic prints. During the cooler months, the cotton-fleece-lined sweats a

Who invented blue jeans September 3

Who invented blue jeans
The original material used made the jeans itchy and caused chafing, so Strauss added a French fabric called serge de Nimes. Later, this material would become known as denim and the pants wou ...

What are chino pants September 3

Chino pants are manufactured from lightweight cotton blends, providing a comfortable fit. The design of a chino makes it the ideal pants for wearing with formal button down or collared shirts. Chinos have a slim rise waist and unnoticeable stitching,

What is a Miss Me jeans size chart September 3

The Miss Me jean size chart determines the jean size by using a woman's hip and waist measurement in inches. For example, if a woman has a waist size of 30.5 inches and a hip size of 37.25 inches, the Miss Me jeans size needed is a size 28-inch waist

How many inches around the waist is a size 2 September 3

How many inches around the waist is a size 2
A woman's size 2 is not the smallest size offered by all designers; some designers offer sizes 0, 00 and 000. A natural waist is measured between the hips and bust, and is generally the poin ...

How do you shrink your pants September 3

Check the labelPlan your process according to the material. For never-washed cotton or wool pants, plan to move cautiously. For polyester, nylon or pre-washed pants, plan on several washings. Do not attempt to shrink silk or leather. Wash the pantsWa

What are some leggings seen on TV September 3

Jeaneez leggings are similar to Genie slim jeggings as they resemble the look and style of skinny denim jeans. According to the website, the unique design helps to reduce the look of love handles and light compression zones work to shape

What is a jean sizing chart September 3

While all jeans manufacturers have different sizing guidelines and numbers, they all base their sizes on women's body measurements. According to About Style, the best way to get the correct fit on a new pair of jeans is to measure the waist and hips

What are army fatigue cargo pants September 3

The green, brown, tan and black nylon-cotton fabric is known as woodland pattern camouflage, and officially became part of the Army's Battle Dress Uniform trousers in 1981. At the same time, a fabric with only tan, brown and black shades known as the
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