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How do you find the current moon phase September 6

How do you find the current moon phase
Astronomers see the moon undergo phases because of the way it orbits the earth. Although the Moon orbits the Earth every 27.3 days, the lunar phase cycle takes 29.5 days to complete, as the ...

What does moon phases mean September 3

When the moon is directly opposite the sun as seen from Earth, its entire surface is illuminated, creating a full moon. As it orbits the Earth, its relative position changes, and when only 75 percent of the surface is lit, it is called a gibbous moon

Whose ashes were brought to the moon September 3

Whose ashes were brought to the moon
The scientist who designed the probe, Carolyn Porco, was a colleague of Shoemaker's, and it was her idea to include his remains in the Lunar Prospector's mission to the moon. Shoemaker died ...

What causes a crescent moon September 3

What causes a crescent moon
Moon phases are dictated by the moon's position relative to the sun and Earth. One phase, the crescent moon, happens when the moon is positioned at an angle to Earth that shows only a small, ...

How many people watched the first moon landing September 3

How many people watched the first moon landing
During the televised moon landing, audiences saw Armstrong's walk, and they also watched Armstrong and Aldrin plant an American flag in the moon's tough surface. The flag didn't stay upright ...

Why does the same side of the moon always face Earth September 3

Why does the same side of the moon always face Earth
Fans of progressive and psychedelic rock may know that there's a "dark side of the moon" thanks to Pink Floyd's 1973 album, but there's a reason why the same side of the moon alway ...

What are the phases of the moon September 3

What are the phases of the moon
The sun always shines on the half of the moon it faces. The other half is shadowed. The position of the Earth, moon and sun determine how much of the illuminated moon we see. During the new ...

Why does the moon turn orange July 29

When sunlight deflects off the moon and hits the Earth, particles in the atmosphere scatter light on the blue end of the rainbow spectrum. Redder light passes through the atmosphere, giving the moon an orange or reddish appearance close to the horizo

What is the meaning of a red moon July 28

A lunar eclipse is one of the more predictable causes of a red moon. Because the red moon is caused by a certain alignment of the sun, Earth and moon, astronomers are able to calculate when the next one occurs. In 2014, lunar eclipses take place on A

How often do lunar eclipses occur July 28

There are three types of lunar eclipses. The moon's position relative to the umbra, which is the dark center of an eclipse shadow, determines which type is visible. About 35 percent of lunar eclipses are total eclipses, and they are the best-known an

Is there a way to check the projected time of the moon rise July 28

Is there a way to check the projected time of the moon rise
Credit:Stephen ShannonAll Canada PhotosGetty ImagesTimeAndDate.com allows users to search for moonrise data by city and state and contains information dating back to 1995. The U.S. Naval Obs ...

How was the moon created July 28

The debris that resulted from this collision eventually came together to form the moon, which then became Earth's one and only natural satellite. However, some scientists don't quite believe the theory because the isotopes found on the moon are very

Why does the moon have no atmosphere July 28

The Apollo 17 mission used the Lunar Atmospheric Composition Experiment on the lunar surface to analyze what the air was actually like on the moon. This study found minuscule amounts of several different types of molecules and atoms, such as argon, h

Does the moon have an atmosphere July 28

As of 2014, scientists are not entirely certain of the composition of the moon's atmosphere. NASA researchers began to glean insight into its composition in 1972 during the Apollo 17 mission, when astronauts deployed the Lunar Atmospheric Composition

How often does a blood moon occur July 28

Lunar tetrads occur when a series of four lunar eclipses happen six months from each other. Lunar tetrads were not referred to as blood moons until the 21st century when Christian author John Hagee popularized the term in his 2013 book "Four Blood Mo

What kind of rocks are on the moon July 28

In many ways, lunar rocks resemble Earth rocks, giving credence to the theory that the moon was broken off of the Earth by a massive impact event early in the planet's history. However, moon rocks tend to have fewer volatile compounds and none of the

What is the name of Earth's satellite July 28

More than 500 of these man-made satellites are operated by the United States, with more than 100 also coming from Russia and China. The UCS Satellite Database is a free and comprehensive database that allows people to find information about the vario

What does a new moon look like July 28

The lunar cycle starts with a new moon. During a new moon, the side of the moon facing the Earth is not receiving any sunlight, so it appears black. The moon only reflects whatever light shines upon it. If no light is shining on it, then the moon can
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