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What did Erwin Schrodinger discover September 13

Erwin Schrodinger made contributions to a number of fields of physics, including statistical mechanics, thermodynamics, electrodynamics, general relativity, color theory, cosmology and the physics of dielectrics. However, he is most well-known for fo

What happens to wavelength as frequency increases September 9

What happens to wavelength as frequency increases
Wavelength is described as the distance between a trough to a trough or a crest to a crest. Frequency is defined as how many waves, or cycles of a wave, are present per unit of time. The ter ...

What is light made up of September 9

What is light made up of
Light and photons played a key role in physics through the years. While light behaves like a particle in some ways, it also displays wave-like properties as well. Eventually, experimental re ...

What are the types of light energy September 9

Below are some details regarding the types of light energy available and how they are useful to human beings.Infrared light energy: this form of light energy is used in a number of applications including night vision devices, heating, tracking, commu

What is the frequency range of radio waves September 9

What is the frequency range of radio waves
The radio spectrum is typically divided into AM, or amplitude modulation, and FM, frequency modulation. AM waves vary in amplitude but have constant frequency and range from 540 to 1600 kilo ...

Does glass block UV rays September 7

Does glass block UV rays
The longer the wavelength of light, the greater its penetrating power. UVC, with the shortest ultraviolet wavelength, is readily filtered out by Earth's ozone layer and generally doesn't rea ...

How fast is the speed of light September 5

The speed of light is extremely fast and constant in a vacuum. However, if light passes through a medium like dust, then it does slow down. Photons can travel at this speed.Based on Albert Einstein's general theory of relativity, objects that are mov

What is the pitch of a sound September 5

The pitch of a sound can simply be thought of as a measure of the sound's frequency. For example, when an instrument plays different notes, they are more accurately different pitches. These pitch differences are actually just the ear and brain's perc

How does an echo occur September 3

How does an echo occur
The term "time delay" refers to the time it takes for the human ear to hear the returning sound wave; it can be calculated by dividing the extra distance by the speed of sound, whi ...
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