Why do acids taste sour September 10

Why do acids taste sour
According to the Brønsted-Lowry definition, acids include any substance that gives up its hydrogen ions when mixed with another substance. Thus, acids increase the hydrogen ion concentration ...

What is a malignant neoplasm of the brain September 8

A tumor that begins in the brain is known as a primary brain tumor, according to WebMD. Some primary brain tumors are benign. Malignant, or cancerous, brain tumors often spread to other areas of the body. Some brain cancer patients do not display sym

What protects the brain July 29

The human skull has 22 bones. Eight bones enclose the brain and make up the cranium. These are the occipital bone, which is found at the back of the skull, and the sphenoid, which is found at the base of the skull. There are two parietal bones at the

What is the inferior alveolar nerve July 29

Inferior alveolar nerve blocks are the most common kind of targeted anesthesia used by dentists, as they effectively prevent pain sensation during procedures without dangerously and unnecessarily making the patient unconscious using general anesthesi

Why does my upper lip twitch July 29

Upper lip twitches occur in healthy people due to stress, fatigue, a heightened emotional state and excessive caffeine or alcohol consumption, Health Hype notes. A dietary deficiency, such as low potassium, can also be a cause. Persistent lip twitchi

Why are some people not ticklish July 29

Why are some people not ticklish
Credit:Jesse DavisCC-BY 2.0Laughing as a response to being tickled by another person could be a result of sensitivity to touch. If a person's level of sensitivity is higher or lower than tha ...

What is the function of sensory nerves July 28

What is the function of sensory nerves
Credit:Martin BarraudOJO ImagesGetty ImagesThe nerve cells that make up the sensory nerves are commonly known as sensory neurons. These particular neurons are one of three different types of ...

How long does it take for a sound wave to get to the brain July 28

How long does it take for a sound wave to get to the brain
Credit:Pedro Ribeiro SimõesCC-BY-2.0The speed of sound in air is different from the speed of sound in water. Speed travels more quickly in water than through air. A vibrating object is respo ...

What are the main functions of the brain July 28

The outermost region of the brain is normally referred to as the cortex. This region is associated with thoughts and voluntary movements of the body. Voluntary movements include walking, sitting down or lying down, raising a hand, scratching an itch

What is neuroplasticity July 28

The word neuroplasticity comes from the root words neuron and plastic. Neurons are the nerve cells in the brain that are made up of an axon and dendrites, with each neuron being linked together by a nerve ending known as a synapse. The word plasticit
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